The cat

The cat

The Cat

               Genre: Thriller, Crime
               Hotel, bank robbery, ransom, hostage, SEC, Safe

A curious mystery

  While Eric Burdon his casual, self-ironic “Good Times” intones a naked couple making love performs quite extensively in different variations: Gudrun Landgrebe and Götz George, as it soon shows. After this hot start, which looks quite unusual for this genre, the audience will quickly return to a criminal thriller that thrives on its cool, calculated, exciting drama and the enthusiastic play of his popular performers. Based on the novel by Uwe Erichsen staged jointly with Christoph Fromm also wrote the screenplay for the film, ran the cat by Dominik Graf’s 1988 At very successful in theaters and was awarded the German Film Award in Gold for Best Director .

The fact that this bank robbery from the beginning, not only is what he seems, turns out soon: After the savvy as cool criminals test specimens (Götz George) with Jutta (Gudrun Landgrebe), the wife of Bank Director Esher (Ulrich Gebauer), has verlustiert and have his accomplices Jung Hein (Heinz Hoenig) and Britz (Ralf Richter) brought the staff and the Director of the Bank in the morning opening in its violence, it is test specimens themselves, the anonymously inform the police . From an adjacent hotel, holds the head of the bank robbers by radio and telephone, the sutures in his hand, because of the contents of the safe, he wants to extort a ransom of three million in exchange for the hostages. And his beloved Jutta no small role in his daring plans …

The cat is as icy thriller with similar protagonists, therefore, the times minimalist, sometimes explosive emotional impulses which are directed principally towards the end of the film firm step, not without a certain irony. Very elegant diagonally Götz George shines as cool character with Allmachtsaura, coupled with a strong sexual excitement, which is like a symbolic outlet for inner tension. Embedded in a bank robbery story laconic figure drawings like these act naturally curious and a little reminiscent of American gangster movies trends of those years. This is not always functional testing of the protagonists in connection with a compelling entertainment makes the cat to be a thriller worth seeing, but at the time but a bit reminiscent of the popular German crime presence, even if his artistic projecting well above this.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The Cat Country of production: , Germany Year of production: 1988 Length: 113 (Min.) Published by: Al! ve format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 4260155290084 Extras: Booklet with information and background stories, Talk with Peter Korte

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