The Boys Are Back

The Boys Are Back

           The Boys Are Back
               Genre: Drama, literature
               Journalist, grief, widower, father-son relationship

Life after

  For a long time, he was as James Bond in the conversation, but ultimately the agents torch from Pierce Brosnan but moved on to Daniel Craig. The stigma of missed opportunity is liable Clive Owen for years. It keeps the smart Briton to stand close to a breakthrough, profiled with outstanding performance recognized in movies like Sin City, Inside Man and Children of Men, but then his career thanks to a bitter commercial device failures (The International) but back on track. The literature The Boys Are Back Owen is working on a change of image. Away from the hard Thriller compartment towards dramatic subjects.

Joe (Clive Owen) is a well-known sports reporter who has built with his second wife Katy (Laura Fraser) in a remote Australian land a new life. As Katy dies after long battle with cancer Joe falls into a deep hole. Suddenly he is all alone to look after their six-year joint son Artie (Nicolas McAnulty), and he is struggling even with the loss of the love of his life. Instead of accepting the help of his parents, Joe always gets more back with Artie. Their fragile sadness team gets a new dynamic, as is with Harry (George MacKay) Joe’s pubescent son by his first marriage at the door. At first it looks as if not a “community-exist until the three act together mentally ailing family members, and even discover the fun factor again.

The Boys Are Back is based on the autobiographical presentation of the journalist Simon Carr. He is processing its own existential crisis after the death of his wife Susie. Carr told in The Boys Are Back In Town of the difficulty, after such a loss to reinstate optimism and joy in family life. One aspect that is often neglected in the work of mourning.

This line of thought takes over Scott Hicks (Shine) and for its film adaptation. Again and again he lets moments of absolute despair followed by uninhibited glee. This sometimes confusing picture success reflects very clearly again the fragile psychological state of the figures. Especially the two young actors know this to convince with marked naturalness. The cautious approach of the two sons is then also the strongest moments of The Boys Are Back. Owen can be distinguished in his dramatic trip to the compartment is not quite so. However, this is less than his performance on his part. The always smartly dressed Joe remains a superficial konfliktarmer character. Besides his love of sport and alcohol hardly distinguished him from most interesting properties. Far too often it shows Hicks with a glass of wine in his hand during brooding. This looks in the sunny back-unfortunately often so like in a promotional clip for the Australian South.

The beautiful landscapes and dreamy-soft songs of the Icelandic band Sigur Rós have a while sometimes forget that The Boys Are Back dramatic often occurs only on the spot. The uneventful turns only in the spectacular final third – which in its violence but is again covered. The Boys Are Back does have its moving and coherent moments, but scenes in which Joe is reunited with his deceased wife, the one time or another exceed the threshold of kitsch. So it’s no surprise that the film internationally flunked at the box office and in Germany after many delays start date but appears only on DVD.

(Florian Koch)

Title: The Boys Are Back Country of production: United Kingdom, Australia Year of Production: 2009 Length: 100 (min) (# ) Published at: , Walt Disney Motion Pictures format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, English EAN: 8717418250874 (# ) Extras: None

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