The beautiful Noiseuse

The beautiful Noiseuse

The beautiful Noiseuse

  A four-hour French film is one of the most consistent Nouvelle Vague directors, based on a story by Balzac, who will gather a small number of protagonists and the hand of a painter working in a small space and shown in the original with German subtitles – this is truly stood for – sitzfeste filmmakers and a real challenge. But one that certainly worthwhile if you begrudge it this good while, in the wake of intense dizzy world of Jacques Rivette and his players to spend.

At the Cannes Film Festival in 1991 he was awarded the Grand Jury Prize and catapulted it into the light of a large public, and now is the much valued as a grandiose masterpiece film La Belle Noiseuse / La belle noiseuse in be seen the original unabridged version in our cinema. Long, detailed and radical, but occurred without the length, the history of the origin of art, closely linked to the sensibilities of his artist’s model and its surroundings, plunging for the short duration of the creative process in slow motion into gaping emotional gaps. The life and art appear as two mighty giants, circumferential each other with benign skepticism, but ultimately moved by the characters begin to fight hard for the prize of a fleeting knowledge, as well as for its own identity.

Frenhofer The painter (Michel Piccoli), in a now decade artistically creative crisis freezes receives at his country home in southern France with his friend and admirer Porbus (Gilles Arbona) the young and talented painter Nicolas (David Bursztein) and his beautiful girlfriend Marianne ( Emmanuelle Béart). Frenhofer last, unfinished work for which his wife Liz (Jane Birkin) once was the model, lies a disastrous shadow, in his studio, to assume the shape begins as a result, the idea that the painter together with Marianne, a model of this picture, that once was to crown his work, could finalize. This idea and its implementation soon control the House, its residents and its guests, and is actually accomplished as the work of five extremely busy days, the protagonists have changed markedly, and irrevocably, while the picture freezes in the mystery of his strange fascination remains. ( #)
“We’ve really tried to make a film that does not speak of the painting, but you approach it,” says Jacques Rivette on La Belle Noiseuse / La belle noiseuse for which the painter Bernard Dufour in a professional manner all images that appear in the film has created, as well as Michel Piccoli doubelt in the often long sequences of painting with its experienced artist-arm so as to achieve a high degree of authenticity and to realize the idea of Rivette’s art that formed during the filming. The idiosyncratic working method, which he has developed, applies also to the director for this film: he consciously opts for a chronological approach, beginning with the central scenes in the film, based on which his story and characters with these and his crew together – developed with an uncompromising courage to improvise.

Rivette, who has recently Julieninszeniert The Story of Marie and Julien / Histoire de Marie et, is known for its cumbersome format of his films, which also already cut or even substantive grades have fallen victim; Out1: Noli me tangere, for example one with more than twelve hours long, the most extensive works of film history. Unlike some of his colleagues of the Nouvelle Vague, as François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Claude Chabrol abide by the official recognition and the success of his work within modest limits, so that the beautiful Noiseuse / La belle noiseuse with their awards at Cannes, the Prize of the French film criticism and the honorary Leopard at Locarno in this respect represents an outstanding milestone in his career.

Who is willing, be swept up in a very powerful and poetic way from the usual cinematic realism as time dimension to witness the dramatic process of creating a work of art and the emotional movements of an artist and his model, which is this now 15 years old French film that I recommend. As Michel Piccoli, who has errreicht since the end of last year, 80, learned that Jacques Rivette remember him for a movie about an artist and his model involved, he replied without hesitation: “I’ll do what he wants, the painter or a model … ” – That he also works with the director’s latest film Ne Touche pas la hache, who is currently in production, also will be there again, shows that he has his unconditional obviously not regret it.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: The beautiful Noiseuse Original Title: La belle noiseuse Country of production: France Year of production: 1991 Length: (# ) 240 (min) of material: flaxfilm

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