The banquet in August

The banquet in August
               Genre: Drama
  Gianni, his mid-fifties and a passionate wine drinker, spends two turbulent days in the summer Rome. Trigger for the vertebrae are his mother and three other ladies who have far exceeded eighty. That has also been sufficiently pepper in the ass and nonsense in his head, proving this charming comedy.

Even though) Gianni (Gianni Di Gregorio still dazzling looks, is very polite and really a good cook is that Jamie Oliver could be jealous, he is interested in women’s precious little. The only exception is his mother (Valeria De Franciscis), for their prayers and wishes he could hardly say no, and with whom he shares an apartment. Whether he reads her bedtime stories, they do it for the shopping and cooking, or leading to tolerable discuss rent arrears with the property manager Luigi (Alfonso Santagata), so Gianni is always at hand.

It is mid-August, the eve of Ferragosto, one of the most important holidays in Italy, and the inhabitants of Rome to leave the city to travel-to spend a relaxing weekend. Luigi also want to treat yourself to one days time out and has the brilliant idea: If Gianni his mother (Marina Cacciotti) takes a night he gives him a portion of the rent arrears. Gianni, just a little hesitant, agrees, because whether he is an old lady or two of cooking, which makes so much difference. As the next day but they are not only the mother of Luigi, but also his aunt (Maria Cali) at the door, Gianni slowly begins to regret his decision to. A doctor friend (Marcello Ottolenghi) equips the overburdened Single from a home visit, and when he leaves to thank him also his mother (Grazia Cesarini Sforza). The quartet of old ladies is now full strength and can hardly be restrained. After some initial controversy, the four cranky bitch old women experience a sort of second spring and bloom on the right, while Gianni gallons of wine drinking, the head waiter for the senior play, indigestion tablets and blood pressure-lowering remedies and distributed ausgebüchste pensioners seeking …

The debut film by Gianni Di Gregorio is a homage to the Italian mother and age, a tribute to the simple but a culinary tradition and the joy of life. In his charming and southern species succeeds Gianni any pitfalls and make it all right. The fact that he may be a little too much drinking of Vino Bianco, which makes him even more charming, for the most part simply to the Italian philosophy of life. The director Di Gregorio has can be animated autobiographical about this movie and plays the lead role of Gianni himself in the selection of the actresses he has opted for lay performers that prove themselves great on camera and are photographed amazingly genuine and unaffected. Also in close-ups has not shied Di Gregorio, every wrinkle, age spot each and every gray hair with a loving and respectful eyes caught, so he never exposes his protagonists. With subtle humor, he kidnapped discover the viewer into the world of the ancients, who, on closer inspection are not quite so old, because with childlike joy, the four ladies almost forgotten passions and enjoy it to be lifted out of isolation. A great, light and humorous film that takes the fear of aging and awakens the appetite for Italian food. Va bene!

The banquet was awarded in August 2008 in Venice with Luigi De Laurentiis “Award for best directorial debut.

(Silvy Pommerenke)

Title: The banquet in August Original Title: Pranzo di ferragosto Country of production: , Italy Year of production: 2008 Length: ( #) 75 (Min) of material: Pandora Film Distribution ISBN: 4042564024838

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