The attorneys – A German Story

The attorneys - A German Story
               Genre: Documentary
  At the beginning of this film is a picture. It shows three men, three lawyers in the courtroom. However, only two of them to see, Otto Schily, and Hans-Christian Stroebele – in their role as advocates in this picture, the third, Horst Mahler, is under indictment and is defended by his two friendly affiliated colleagues. Mahler, previously the undisputed star of the Berlin prosecutors, is due to membership in the Red Army Faction to justice. This photograph by Birgit Schulz takes the starting point for an equally exciting and fascinating journey through the three biographies of the scanned and compressed using the biographies and interviews, which she leads with Mahler, and Stroebele Schily, the Federal Republic’s history to a very dense, exciting and very personal Documentary.

Although the image of the starting point of the film’s attorneys – A German history – the real story is already in his sixties. With a successful blend of archival footage and interviews, the director, the emergence of extra-parliamentary opposition and the growing opposition to the Vietnam policy of the United States as well as against former Nazis as key members of the FRG for distinguished, dedicated to the demonstrations against the visit of the Shah in Berlin and the death of student Benno Ohnesorg who stands at the beginning of a growing radicalization of the APO. Mahler, Ströbele and Schily are already at that time an integral part of the protest movement against the encrusted structures of Germany and participate as advocates in this fight – initially with a purely legal means. Later precisely Mahler, who “arrived at this point of the three lawyers who radicalize further and go underground.

Along the historically significant stations by year, the film lurches along, without prejudice to the three parties over again the events Comment clarifies and so their thoughts and actions, makes contemporary noticeable and understandable. And the very different development, the various careers that have taken the three protagonists in the course of time to get here from a tremendous attraction. This is where most incredibly eloquent and very businesslike argumentative Horst Mahler is the case, joined the NPD in 2000 and has since been transformed by the radical left to radical right-wing Holocaust deniers. But Otto Schily, the transformation is amazing. Even though he himself, this development certainly consistent and stringent traces. His way of dedicated trial lawyer Horst Mahler, and Gudrun Ensslin, about his role in the founding of the Open to his move in the SPD and, finally, his work as a polarizing Interior Minister, he sees, especially in his firm belief in the rule of law established as the supreme principle. Hans-Christian Stroebele life has no U-turns and radical changes within the triangle, he is the constant acts of his biography, at first glance to be largely crafted with.

Even if the lawyers at one point by a bit of new knowledge outdated (does the death of the student Benno Ohnesorg shooter is now, as a former Stasi IM) unmasked, it does not impact, but makes him a very noteworthy study on the linkage between private and political, of the ways of life and the course of history. ( #)
At the end of the film suggest three empty chairs in a courtroom that the fictional encounter between the former companion is a dramatic construct, which is strongest in the reality of life is no equivalent. Because of Mahler’s conversion to a radical nationalist apologists for a rapprochement, a re-crossing of the biographies is simply impossible. Especially since the former member of the RAF for Holocaust denial in February 2009 was sentenced to six years imprisonment.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The attorneys – A German Story Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 90 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Real Fiction Film Distribution

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