The Architect

The Architect

The Architect

  That seems the second movie of the spring Josef Bierbichler to be: Since 2006, the Star Theater on the canvas once more present than in the 1970s. In the debut of Ina Weisse, he shows again how brittle strength he can give his characters.

It is often winter in these films. Not just skin deep. The cold is reflected something of the mental state of these figures, which would mean 60, the midlife crisis really behind them and still stuck deep in a dead end. As in Hans Stein sandbichler winter travel and Caroline LinksIm winter one years shows Bierbichler The architect in a double face: dominant on one side, almost authoritarian, on the other side so incredibly vulnerable and confused, as if he were looking at his life as an infinite abyss. omen

Nomen est: George Winter is the architect, the Bierbichler the debut film by Ina Weisse plays. A man who really is at the peak of his career and has everything: an attractive woman (Hilde Van Mieghem), two adult children (Sandra Hüller and Matthias Schweighoefer) and plenty of recognition. But Georg Winter staggers through his office as if he had lost everything. In some ways that is true. Winter does not have much, only love. His real life was Hannah (Sophie Rois) belong to a woman he has not seen for ages. But then winter driving with his wife and children to the funeral of his mother in the snowy mountain village of his homeland. There they are cut off by an avalanche from the outside world – the family implodes.

The snow plays a major role in this family drama. The eerily beautiful images, he seems to overwhelm the people who wrap to make them disappear. Then again, the snow-covered landscape offers comfort, opened a way out of the narrow chamber drama of family life, which is based on a lie. If these so lonely hinausstapfen to the endless white beauty, then it was as they would simply lie down and sleep peacefully at some point.

Is one could rightly say that family is hell. But would that not make the tone in which the drama director Ina Weisse calculated sparingly in simple, images sets. Here, no high emotions boil. Depth disappointments turn inward to express themselves in more than turning away in silence or in the sudden termination of a sentence. Small gestures carry great evils. Effect but they show only the bodies and on their faces.

Unlike elsewhere in life stories of lies and skeletons in the closet, there are no culprits. Ina Weisse watching their figures, dissects the relationships, showing the fatal entanglement over generations. Where even the parents of the architects in the silence lingered, where the son recalled with horror his mother, because the damage is passed on to their own children. The sorrow that lies in this diagnosis, making room for compassion. It rests not detached, but a warm-hearted look at these four injured.

That the film is so kitschfrei and without excessive sadness as a reflection of a family scene, which has now become a time – that is, not least the merit a superior actor ensemble. Hilde van Mieghem, Matthias Schweighöfer, Sandra Hüller and mobilize especially Sophie Rois against the weight of the title character in every moment of the necessary intensity. Bierbichler fans need not incidentally, be sad when the end credits. The Bavarian character head will be seen soon in The Bone Man of Wolfgang Murnberger, which is scheduled for February. 2009 runs and also the white band, the new film by Michael Haneke.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: The Architect Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2009 Length: 93 (Min) of material: ( #) Reverse Angle / New Visions ISBN: 4047179335287

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