The American Friend – TV-Tip of the Week

The American Friend - TV-Tip of the Week

The American Friend – TV-Tip of the Week

  The silent Hamburger Jonathan Zimmermann (Bruno Ganz) makes in his workshop at the port frames and is happily married to Marianne (Lisa Kreuzer). But Jonathan is suffering from leukemia, he will not live very long. One day, the Frenchman appears Minot (Gerard Blain) in his shop. Inexplicably, he knows the perfect stranger, almost all the details of Jonathan’s illness and makes him an incredible offer: For a quarter of a million he is killed in Paris, a Mafia killer. Jonathan is shocked at the first moment, both on the precise knowledge Minots and through the tempting offer. Despite all the misgivings takes Jonathan on the job, to) his wife and his son Daniel (Andreas Dedecke be able to leave a legacy. He performs the job and returns undetected back to Hamburg.

Marianne is due to Jonathan’s mysterious behavior has already become suspicious, he can barely calm her. Minot will soon appear again, who already has a new job for him. Desperately Jonathan also takes this job, but he survived the adventure only because suddenly his American friend Tom (Dennis Hopper) to the side is that he has met recently at an art auction. Soon Jonathan Tom needs help, because it turns out that even the American friend embroiled in the machinations of M. Minot is. And reveals to train train to get into what Jonathan is perfidious game …

, Wim Wenders succeeded in 1977 with the atmospheric and sensitive adaptation of Patricia Highsmith novel Ripley’s Game the international break, so that he for the American friends and even for the Palme d’Or and was nominated Cesar. The film is also like a time diagnosis of the late seventies, of which especially the slogans in the port of Hamburg ( “Revenge of Holger Meins”) and testify like science fiction, where all people have long since become zombies and assassins. So serious and somber, the film may be, a great joke but Wenders has allowed: all gangster roles are almost always staffed with directors, “because those are the only rogue I know.” And then there is this film not only an encounter with one of the greatest German directors, but also with Nicholas Ray, Samuel Fuller, Peter Lilienthal, Daniel Schmid, Jean Eustache and Lou Castel.

Title: The American Friend – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: France Year of production: 1976 Length: min 120 ( )

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