The affair

The affair

The Affair

               Genre: Drama
               Passion, amour fou, southern France, physiotherapist, construction workers, infidelity

Beauty and the ex-con

  There are not many actresses who have mastered the balancing act between opulent Kinokost from Hollywood and small, mainly French auteur films such as the always elegant virtuosity Kristin Scott Thomas. After blockbusters like Mission: Impossible, The English Patient “and many other films, she was recently in Zabou Breitmann so many years I love you as a murderer released from prison to see and now appears again in a French film that so far, at least in his homeland has been talked about. Also in the affair Catherine Corsini / Partir is about molts and biographies, which can change radically in order to cuts and existential question of what life with a cause.

Suzanne (Kristin Scott Thomas) is beginning to mid-forties and performs with her husband Samuel (Yvan Attal) and two nearly grown children a secure, peaceful and comfortable life in southern France. After the education of young players is nearing completion, the trained physiotherapist will resume its work and defies her Arztehemann consent from being grown on the property where it intends to consolidate their practice. For the upcoming construction work, who came from Spain ex-con Ivan (Sergi Lopez) is engaged. At first glance, the woman of good family links and the father of a young daughter little. And yet they come together, start an affair with each other and make them publicly, even compared to Suzanne’s husband. He is shocked and can not understand his wife, who decides for her passion and moves in with Ivan. But then Samuel is threatening to turn off their flow of money. In this way he wants to force his wife to return to him. Suzanne, however, is fiercely determined not to let their new fortune to take back. And for that she is ready for anything.

What remains in the memory of this film, besides the history and the excellent actors Kristin Scott Thomas and Sergi Lopez especially the light that the very simple story of unconditional love emerges despite gloom into a summery and bright, sometimes almost blinding light. What is really new is the story about unconditional love towards all social and private, not resistance. Thanks to director Catherine Corsini usually cautious, however, the affair turns into a remarkable film that functions in addition to his standing in the foreground love story primarily as a portrait of a woman who comes her way with admirable consistency. Maybe because she knows that love, especially the unexpected, irrational and really hopeless, a precious asset is that one must take when it knocks at his own door. No matter what it may. The radical nature of passion, it is also clear in the one hand, beautiful, but also tried some final image that shows how much Suzanne and Ivan are ready to go. Despite all the sadness that this bitter end, it leaves us with: not better, such a crazy love, such a savor “amour fou” against all reason, instead hinterherzutrauern a lifetime of missed opportunities like this?

Even if Catherine Corsini in her film sometimes lacks a little of the unconditional its two main characters: Your film Le Divorce / Partir is really a prime example of love tragedies à la française. Those in favor have a weakness, light-filled film should miss this work of art in any way.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: The Affair Original Title: Partir Country of production: France Year of production: 2009 Length: 85 ( min) of material: Alamode Film Distribution

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