The Actresses

The Actresses

The Actress

               Genre: Drama
               Actress, rivals, stars, conversation, Berlinale 2010, Photo Shoot

in the cage of lions

  It is Christmas Eve in Korea. It’s also a historic day in the history of Vogue magazine, for the first six famous Korean actresses will do a cover shoot at the same time. That the Vogue team is already fixed in advance with fear, has his reasons. Six actresses in one place also means six inflated egos in one place. And so the crew waits for the things that may come, when all the ladies to enter, and after the set. But they are afraid of that day. It quickly becomes clear that all are burdened with fear and inferiority complexes. One feels himself to be too fat, the other as too old. The next one is so successful that she’s afraid of being bullied on. And then there’s the wild boar. She is young and has shifted very little idea about the business, just three films and frozen in awe over the great ladies. As an important utensils to make things worse for the recordings remain stuck at the airport, the ladies are forced to stay longer than expected.

What director E J-Yong has done with The Actress is a small miracle. In Korea, as elsewhere, will meet up at award ceremonies or actresses on the set. The pressure is so great, the competition too harsh, that it actually does not know and do not want to know too. All the more surprising is that he could win six Korean luminaries for his project. All ladies play themselves exactly as they are, and have even collaborated on the script to start a project that as a private man shows and also tells of the hard life of their profession. The result is a delightfully tragicomic and simultaneously hearted portrait. Strongly reminiscent of Robert Altman directed, E J-yong a quiet chamber piece that takes place only in one set.

True begins after the first tentative meeting with the ladies once the rivalry and bragging. But long they can not maintain their facade before the others. Thus, even from open conflict to break soon, and the longer the night lasts, the less help the actresses are talking to each other and cooperate. That will end the evening at a dinner at which all are honest with the knocks and injuries tell in their lives, do not think anyone could have imagined.

Unfiltered, unvarnished, to expose openly and sometimes with brute honesty of the women front of the camera. The Actress is a blend of fiction and documentary. It is true that the actresses in consultation with the director, a script worked out, but all women play themselves treat their It talks not only their personal problems, but also draw a picture of Korean society in which like no other on an incredible pressure public figures there. Still cheered, they may very next day on the Internet abused and killed. This business is tough, but in accordance with the pressure in the Asian society, the standards, required almost superhuman. Thus, in the last decade, especially in Korea, several cases of actors who have been bullied online so massive that they took their own lives. Withstand the pressures of society, and while still a fallible human being, like this tells Actresses.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: The Actress Original Title: Yeobaewoodle Country of production: South Korea Year of production: 2009 Length: 109 ( min)

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