Terkel in Trouble

Terkel in Trouble

Terkel in Trouble

  Terkel is a Danish perfectly normal teenager with normal problems that daft little sister wants to be everywhere and terribly annoying, so it comes down to punishment whatever steps or inflicting other injuries. The parents are … well, let’s say … unable to eccentric, Terkel’s mother is never found without a fag, which is why this cozy house Famlie is traversed by thick fog, the father buries himself behind his newspaper and his communication is limited to a simple “No”. Terkel, and uncle, a gruff sea dog with excessive alcohol problem, which operates a children’s emergency, what to make of the phrase “the buck to the gardener,” a new quality.

Fortunately, there is Jason, a mega-cool guys from Terkel class comes unmistakably from a socially disadvantaged area, a penchant for gory movies, and has always been an iron pipe carries around with him – “one never knows what is it good. “Anyway, the class representing all facets and forms of adolescent youth of today, from the stuffy nerd than precocious girlies, brutal thugs up to the mandatory, thick and mild-mannered outsider Dorit. Unfortunately stretches Terkel on the anger of the two class bullies Sten and Saki who increasingly harass and bully him to evil ways. His environment reacts – how realistic – totally false, so the pressure is on the poor kid more violent, has so affected mainly by Dorit Terkel liberation and desire for recognition, until it literally “makes the flight.”

Only the new teacher Gunnar, an understanding eco-freak and Walldorf-teacher, at least, brings understanding to to Terkel, although his well-intentioned advice turn out to be completely ineffective. However Terkel introduces himself with the gentle teacher who would like to thank the wandering guitar course with a “nuclear power – no!” Is plastered stickers, extremely bad one, except by mistake consists of teenagers on a small spider, which is then fairly flat, which is the Animal rights Gunnar in the soul hurts. One small detail on the edge, which is, however, have over the other story in itself. In a class trip in the forest, which has organized the notorious gooder Gunnar for the class, it comes eventually to the escalation, threats against him and take Terkel suddenly no longer knows whether he can trust his best friend Jason. In the dark forest, it finally comes to a showdown, as he would have any splatter movie, attractive look.

Terkel in Trouble / Terkel i Knibe is a completely politically incorrect, very sarcastic, and sometimes simply malicious movie, which has matured in our Danish neighbors to one of the big blockbuster of the year. And he is also the first Danish feature-length animated film, which is based in Denmark on a highly successful radio series. Granted, in terms of effects technology, Americans are still the leader, but the filmmakers are aware of the limitations of its own funds and countered cleverly with anarchic humor and targeted attacks against the politically correct family entertainment from the Disney animation studios and other makers. The story is more likely to neglect, but worth a visit are the many small and fine detail, rapid camera movements and vocal numbers, cheeky references to cinematic masterpieces like Seven (so the entire header a tribute to the thriller) and The Godfather, and sometimes frighteningly authentic is figure drawing. Even the dialogues are conspicuous by their wild Schimpf cascades and passages that would be the American censors probably completely fallen victim. Bela B. Felsenheimer, drummer for the band The Doctors speaks Scroll Lock on all alone, what does not work at times so bad, apart from occasional slips.

What has ridden the Danes, however, when they decided, Terkel in Trouble / Terkel i Knibe Robert, a kind of Danish equivalent of the Oscar, in addition to the categories of Best Sound, Best Music and Best Song as the top Family Film reward, which remains a mystery. Or you can keep it with Douglas Coupland and notes “All families are screwed up.” By Terkel, it is in any case. Only rarely has there been so much fun to get the demonstration on the screen. Very oblique and trashy cult entertainment for people with a penchant for sharp humor.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Terkel in Trouble Original Title: Terkel i Knibe Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2004 Length: (# ) 78 (Min) of material: Movienet

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