Tengri – The blue of the sky

Tengri - The blue of the sky
               Genre: drama, literature
  As “the most beautiful love story in the world” Louis Aragon novella published in 1958 Dshamilja Torekulowitsch of Kyrgyz author Chingiz Aitmatov, who died last year. And even today you can read this praise from a competent judge on the cover of the book. About taste and superlatives such as these can be excellent fight. And they certainly have Joul Marie de Poncheville film Tengri – The blue of the sky on motifs of the book by Aitmatov strong moments and touches primarily through the magnificent landscapes of the infinite expanses of Kyrgyzstan. More regrettable is that the love story set against this magnificent backdrop to pack rarely sees.

Has tried many things Timur (Ilimbek Kalmouratov) already: He was a fisherman on the Aral Sea and the miner, he worked as a smugglers and even tried to get to Europe, where he was promptly removed, but again. To the disillusioned man remains nothing more than returning to the home village of his father in Central Kyrgyzstan. There, however, some surprises await him: His father, he learns, died several years ago, the last straw of his nomadic existence is gone. Nevertheless Timur cable lift, which is no other refuge left over. And meets in the village of the eighteen year old Amira (Albina Imasheva) whose husband (Mussulmans Odurakaev) as the Mujahedeen fighting in neighboring Afghanistan. Almost inevitably, the two desperate people come closer and fall in love. But how has your connection in the narrowness and backwardness of village life, with its centuries-old rules and customs has no future. Why the two lovers decide to seek another place where their love is possible. But Amira’s husband makes with some helpers on the heels of the couple …

The landscape of Kyrgyzstan, the felt tents of existing villages, the strange rituals and strange songs of the common people and the coexistence archaic roles in which The women have nothing to say: Tengri – The blue of the sky alive mainly by the fine camera images and sounds and could be as much a documentary about the arduous life in this Central Asian country over long distances. And perhaps this would actually have been a better choice. For the love story between Timur and Amira is remarkable in spite of two main characters are largely free of distinguished understandable emotions, not to mention the passion that Aitmatovs book.

What is possibly the fact that the film is incredible, despite only very scanty information about Timur past, much time can, until the two lovers finally find each other. And then as far as it is, does Tengri – The blue of the sky almost to a “road movie” (although in the steppes of Kyrgyzstan roads are an absolute exception), during which the alleged, but never really apparent love of Amira and Tengu more and more falls into the background – it is not much more than a bothersome graphics sometimes almost in front of a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Fans of Aitmatovs Dshamilja should certainly be disappointed by this movie sooner. The magic of Kyrgyzstan there is no doubt, the magic of love story, however one looks in vain.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Tengri – The blue of the sky Original Title: Tengri Country of production: Germany, France, Kyrgyzstan Year of production: 2008 (# ) Length: 98 (Min) of material: alpha medienkontor

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