Wounds of love – TV-Tip of the Week

Wounds of love - TV-Tip of the Week

           Wounds of love – TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Drama, love story
               School, corruption, China, Gang
  That love can also cause excruciating pain, not only emotional, but real physical, this Chinese feature film debut of Zhuang Yuxin described as unemotional as to its oppressive ways. Wounds of love from the year 2006 draws to the social background of China in the period after the era of so-called Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong’s portrait of a complicated young woman on the thorny paths of the first intimate encounters with the opposite sex. It seems cool, calculating, and brooks no contradiction: the pretty Yehong Qian (Yan Bingyan) leads to her school in Beijing, a tough girl gang. Your classmates serious Xuesong (Chi Jia), though secretly in love with the rough girls, but it offers the public the forehead. As he confesses in a letter his affection, Yehong uses the occasion to make him ridiculous before the whole class. Deeply hurt Xuesong Yehong attacked with a rock, causing her to turn for revenge. Within the hostile interactions between Xuesong Yehongs and the course it eventually comes to a tragic accident plunges the girl into powerful feelings of guilt … Yehong is in the course of the film to do two more relations that run along close to the pain in its many manifestations, without their longing for intimacy will meet in the end. The fate of the girl managed corresponds with the social development of China in the decade 1977-1987, which was marked by upheaval at the same time, disorientation, and still powerfully present state arbitrariness and corruption. It is the relentless brutality of the representation on the one hand, and the subtly staged emotionality on the other hand, the wounds of love can be an intense drama about the power and powerlessness of love, shines in particular the young actress who has been rewarded for 2007 with the Golden Rooster. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: wounds of love – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Ai qing de ya chi Country of production: , China Year of Production: 2006 ( #) Length: 109 (Min.)