Ponette – TV-Tip of the Week

Ponette - TV-Tip of the Week

           Ponette – TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Drama, Comedy
               Death, girls, runaways, mother-daughter relationship, Venice 1996
  In 1996 at the International Film Festival in Venice in the race for the Golden Lion at the start of the French drama Ponette caused a sensation: Although the jury awarded with President Roman Polanski the trophy for best film of Michael Collins, the Irish director Neil Jordan, but Ponette was awarded in four categories, with the Volpi Cup for Best Actress went to Victoire Thivisol. The then four year olds, which embodies the main character in the film by Jacques Doillon, received this award as the youngest Actrice at all, which almost magically intense game arises obviously a very exceptional, instinctive talent. As an accident, a young woman (Marie Trintignant) in a car crash, while her little daughter Ponette (Victoire Thivisol survived) and sinks in unbearable grief over the loss of the mother. Where profound sadness prevails, there is no help, however well intentioned, and certainly no consolation streamline exhortations of the father (Xavier Beauvois), to accept this immutable fact. The clouded mind missing children simply the mother, and come back again to, and not only on the day of Judgement, as her aunt (Claire Nebout) tries to comfort the little girl. Ponette is prepared in their desperation to do everything so that the mother is back with her, but all the tests of courage in the camps, to which it is a nasty little fruit incited by deceit in this respect help anything, so that the little girl in his need finally runs away … With a delicate sense of sensitivity, moods, and childlike worldview Jacques Doillon (The Little Gangster / Le petit criminel, 1990, Young Werther / Le jeune Werther, 1993, Raja, 2003), a skilful yet touching film about a deadly serious topic turned, in which, ultimately, heartache beyond current calculations, those waived by the director and screenwriter widely, can scarcely an eye remain dry. Ponette leaves the level of the rationalist reality considerations and focuses on the delicate feelings of his spectacular Hauptpersönchens, whose authenticity gives the film an inimitable charisma. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: Ponette – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: France Production year: 1996 Length: 97 (min) ( #)