Masks – TV-Tip of the Week

Masks - TV-Tip of the Week

           Masks – TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Comedy, Crime
               Television, show business
  On 24 June this year, he is eighty years old, French filmmaker Claude Chabrol, who was awarded the 2003 European Film Award for Lifetime Achievement. The former critics of the legendary “Cahiers du Cinema” and director of the Nouvelle Vague of the first hour populated with its social-thrillers in old age, nor the film worlds, as Commissioner Bellamy / Bellamy with Gérard Depardieu shows in the lead role, in the last year with the International Film Festival premiered in Berlin, where was Claude Chabrol, with the presentation of the Berlinale Camera honored. The comedic thriller masks of 1986 also celebrated its premiere at the Berlinale as a candidate for the Golden Bear and was nominated twice for At the representational qualities of Bernadette Lafont, Anne Brochet for the César. In public, the television presenter Christian Legagneur (Philippe Noiret), a star of the scene, the drives with its clearly presented Gutmenschentum the show “happiness for all” in the quota sky. Privately, however, this crazy character resides in a luxury universe with a dodgy servants egocentric rulers alike. The journalist Roland Wolf (Robin Renucci), who visited Legagneur occasion of his research to the biography of the leader enters, so a bizarre scene of protagonists who are obviously all involved in secret intrigues. In the turmoil of events is clear that Legagneur apparently belonging skeletons in the closet has … Rasant as humorous masks are created is a cool calculated settlement with the ambiguous productions of the entertainment machine, the inside of the zeitgeist of the 1980s, gathered a mass audience before the ground glass. With deceptive ease here appears slick Moderator – all excellent Philippe Noiret embodies – as for the late Heilsverkünder happiness of elders that can be functionalized as readily as the audience for the successful TV ratings. Claude Chabrol thereby exposing the supposed show master-Sauber man torn as carrion, but that is not the only mask that will ultimately fall. In view of the potentiated advent of such television entertainment in the last two decades, especially in the field of reality shows masks appear with his clever crime-structure as relevant today as then, for the unbroken effective strategies of this form of public presentation of intimacies are apparent in still mass appeal. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: Masks – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Masques Country of production: France Production year: 1986 Length: 105 (Min.)