Days or hours

Days or hours
               Genre: drama, literature
  Antoine Méliot is in his mid-forties, a partner in an advertising agency and worked for the rich and famous. Accordingly, his conduct looks and sees from the outside you could be downright envious. One day, however, everything goes awry and he throws overboard, what he had been rock solid: job, family and friends.

At first it seems funny and still laugh when Antoine (Albert Dupontel) unexpectedly the claims and demands of its advertisers with repulsive stubbornness and obstinacy

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Trailer – 96 Hours

Trailer - 96 Hours

96 Hours

               Genre: Thriller, Action
96 Hours / Taken – Trailer (German) Taken – Trailer (English)
    Bryan Mills, a former top agent of the government, has the kidnapping of his daughter on the phone listening helplessly. Him to stay only 96 hours to free her.
Title: 96 Hours Original Title: Taken Country of production: France Year

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Only 72 hours – Madigan

Only 72 hours - Madigan

(# Only) or 72 hours – Madigan

  Daniel Madigan (Richard Widmark) is an experienced police officers from the 23rd District of the NYPD. Still, he and his partner Rocco can Bonaro (Harry Guardino) to deceive, as they are to arrest the gangster Barney Benesch (Steve Ihnat). For guiding the half-naked girlfriend of the murderer from the two so that it can escape the wanted man – with the service arms of the two linked. Stupid that is just at this time because of their various affairs department under great pressure. In particular, the roughneck

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