The Hour of the Wolf

The Hour of the Wolf

           The Hour of the Wolf
               Genre: Drama
               Painter, Castle, Island, diary, demons, magic flute
  Seven years already living the artist Johan Borg (Max von Sydow) and his wife Alma (Liv Ullmann), primarily in a small shack on a sparsely populated island. Call it the existential needs work, Alma for a while on the mainland, and then return to Johan in the seclusion of the island. About the loving, peaceful togetherness of the couple grow ominous shadows, as Johan is plagued by massive fears, especially of the dark, so that he and Alma sleepless nights and the results only with the dull fatigue of dawn with a start. In a castle on the other side of the island occupies the opaque Baron Merkens (Erland Josephson) with a circle of fashionable visitors, posing as admirers Johans and invites him along with Alma to a small party at the castle. The painter and his wife feel out of place within this visible bored, eccentric and cynical society with the desire for tasteless variety. Time and again, the present offensive remarks about Johan’s former lover Veronica Vogler (Ingrid Thulin) fall, which increases the discomfort of the painter and also Alma’s still considerable. Even the performance of an excerpt from Mozart Magic Flute with the sequence “eternal night, When will you disappear?” Seems to mock the agony of the painter. The silence of the night gives way to heavy Borgs stories and confessions Johans from an oppressive past, which it now obtains in the form of increasingly hostile demons who are represented by the bizarre society in the castle. Illusion and reality combine to create a malicious bulwark that is increasingly dominated also Alma’s perception, which has been read on the advice of a mysterious old lady in a hat (Naima Wifstrand) the diary of her husband and to sense the extent of the depths of anguish begins to the point where the little cabin on the violent escalation comes … , Even under the action of the film within which a film crew told Alma retrospective nightmare of the developments that led to the apparently mysterious disappearance of her husband Johan led succeed in an elegant interweaving of complex levels of the so-called reality. Ingmar Bergman designs with The Hour of the Wolf sent a staged terror scenario about the despair of human existence, which is able to shock with elements of horror, one with a dense and confusing Surrealimus psychological symbolism to again and again. If the completely confused artist at the end of the lock the message “you will see what you want to see” is given along the way to his pathological imagination, it inevitably recalls the “magic theater” of Hermann Hesse Steppenwolf ( #) appear, as are some of the deeply moving and disturbing black and white images such as literary and cinematic references, the latter mainly from the gigantic work of Swedish filmmaker himself Serious and upsetting is within the reflections of Alma – the good, self-sacrificing soul – even talk of love. Smouldering, profound questions about the ability of the most corrupt of all the emotions, relieve mania or promote in too close proximity does preoccupy them the sorrowful wife at the thought of whether greater distance would turn a rescue for Johan can be. The titular hour between night and dawn is here the magic of despair given, whose biting melancholy on the threshold of non-existence can only truly understand who has experienced it. The melancholic filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, who had his life to struggle with unconscious fears, has with The Hour of the Wolf staged a dense, disturbing and very personal piece that stands out in time by sparing use of cynicism, for example, when a tormented by jealousy man in the concrete sense climbing up the walls of the word. This is heavy duty, daring cinema that gets under the skin and even long after the sighting remains there. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: The Hour of the Wolf Original Title: Vargtimmen Country of production: Sweden Production year: 1968 Length: 84 (Min) Published at: format: 4:3 tone / language: Dolby Digital mono, German, Swedish (# ) EAN: 4006680035000 Extras: biography of Ingmar Bergman, production notes. The DVD is released under the “Ingmar Bergman Edition 2″.

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