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Denzel Washington grew up in the Bronx, New York. His parents respected in the education on ethics, God and family values, the actor still holds up to and respected. At the age of 14 in his parents divorced and he was taken with his older sister in a boarding school. After high school he studied at Fordham University in 1977 and took his degree in journalism and drama. During his studies he gained first theater experience, and so his career choice was clear: actors. Of course, since the income of a scholarship for the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco came in handy. But after a year he had had enough, he wanted to be an actor.

On the side of George Segal in 1981 he had his first film role in Carbon Copy, but remained largely unnoticed. On stage he was able to celebrate significant successes for his role in the play A Soldier’s Play, he was awarded an Obie (“stage-Oscar”). This award was NBC at him closely and he was bound for the hospital drama St. Elsewhere. With this series he had made the leap up and offers him some fluttered into the house. For director Norman Jewison, he slipped in A Soldier’s Story again in his already rewarded role. In 1987 he took up with director Sir Richard Attenborough of racial segregation in South Africa. For his role of the assassinated civil rights leader Steven Biko in Cry Freedom, he was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor.

In Edward Swick’s historical drama Glory Denzel Washington in 1989 to see a slave Tripp. This time the jurors could not help but reward him with the Oscar for best supporting actor, Golden Globe, he took with quite the pass. In 1990, he was as seductive trumpeter in Mo ‘Better Blues talked about. In this film he first met with the black director Spike Lee, with whom he then tackled the thorny 1992 Malcolm X project. The role of the controversial black civil rights care for powerful discussion, but at the same time, the three-hour epic, voted one of the best films of the year. When Oscar and Golden Globe when it was enough only for a nomination.

In the following years, Denzel Washington, a place again and again proved his class. In the John Grisham adaptation The Pelican Brief, he helped Julia Roberts from the terminal and in Philadelphia he stands the Aids Tom Hanks sick to side. The submarine thriller Crimson Tide reveals his flair for Blockbuster, on the other he put the critics in Devil in a Blue Dress satisfied. His next film Courage Under Fire and The Preacher’s Wife almost be described even as a disappointment. 1998 Denzel Washington reported back as a committed fighter in a brutal serial killer traps. That same year, he turns with his friend Spike Lee He Got Game, playing the father of a verknackten basketball talent.

In the thriller The Siege Denzel Washington plays the chief of a task force against terrorism and has to pick a fight with the military acting decisively Bruce Willis. In 1999, he is chained to the bed in The Bone Collector, but it must be the same inexperienced Angelina Jolie to side to make a serial killer. Together with Norman Jewsion then he turns the film The Hurricane. His portrait of the wrongly convicted boxer Rubin Carter marks another milestone in his career. The film has been much debate and was not always well off it. The brilliant portrayal of Rubin Carter Denzel Washington brought a Golden Golbs, when there was only enough for one Oscar nomination. In 2000 he stood for the success of producer Jerry Bruckheimer in Remember the Titans before the camera and it is seen as a coach of a football team.

In 2002 it was finally over, Denzel Washington won the Oscar for best leading role in Training Day. In the film he plays alongside Ethan Hawke a seedy detective that it has brought them to the wrong side of the law. The unusual role of the villain he seemed to be visibly and he delivered a truly outstanding performance. This was followed by a rather mediocre drama John Q, Denzel Washington in the mimed a desperate father who takes in an emergency room hostage to force the operation of his son. In Antwone Fisher Denzel Washington played not only a military psychologist, he also took first place itself on the director’s chair.

After Out of Time, which is about a police chief suspected of murder, Denzel Washington is in two remakes see. The first was the controversial Racheepos Man on Fire, based on the eponymous movie from the 80s. Denzel Washington embodied therein a bodyguard, which makes the kidnapping of a little girl for a campaign of revenge. The political thriller The Manchurian Candidate, finally moved the plot of the original from the 60s in today’s time. It’s about a politician who is remotely controlled by a company. Denzel Washington stars as a Gulf War veteran who comes to the machinations of this track.

In 2006, Denzel Washington will be seen twice in the cinema. In Inside Man – his third collaboration with director Spike Lee – he embodies a police officer again and has to deal with a tricky hostage situation. Later, follow the thriller Deja Vu, Denzel Washington working for the Man on Fire again with director Tony Scott together and hence is hochschraubt expectations. But even his own ambitions as a director does not neglect Denzel Washington. Currently he is filming the drama The Great Debaters, in which he acts, but only behind the camera.

Denzel Washington – Biography and Filmography

Denzel Washington - Biography and Filmography

Denzel Washington – Biography and filmography

  Denzel Washington was on 28 December 1954 in Mount Vernon, New York, USA born and grew up in the eighties and nineties, the leading colored actor in Hollywood. In roles like that of the freedom fighter Steve Biko in Cry Freedom (1987), as Shakespeare’s tragic historical figure Richard III (1993), as a womanizer and trumpeter Bleek Gilliam in Spike Lee’s Mo’Better Blues (1990) and his Oscar-winning portrait one embittered runaway slave in Ed Zwick’s Glory (1989) Denzel Washington has surprised

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