Meanwhile, it has even seen the American president that the dependence on oil is like an addiction is to the satisfaction of the “junkie” to do almost every political villainy can accomplish. Whether this finding, however, the current American foreign policy significantly influenced remains to be seen and can not be doubted.

In the political thriller Syriana director and screenwriter Stephen Gaghan, who wrote the similarly been stored script draws traffic, the quagmire of lust for power and economic interests, corruption and violence in and paints a very dedicated, though fictitious, but based on facts based image of American foreign policy of the last 20 years – not real, but damn realistic.

Based on the book of former CIA agent Robert Baer The decline of the CIA and tries to replicate on its research, Stephen Gaghan, the complexity of the oil business, with all its drawbacks in its main features – but the for a feature film is already a titanic task, but Gaghan manages the balancing act between thesis film and film entertainment, between fiction and interpretation of the (presumably) true events and hanky-panky, tricks and intrigues. Clear that such a complex story can be told not only by an adequately stringent action narrated thread, and link Gaghan, as in traffic several plotlines together: First, there is the CIA agent Bob Barnes (George Clooney), who commissioned the American government has already committed nearly every mess, but the dawn Now that he is only the docile puppet in a game that he did not understand. In the second storyline is about the connections between the economic advisers and energy experts Bryan Woodman (Matt Damon), an emirate on the Persian Gulf, where it comes after the death of the potentates into a power struggle between the two sons. While one wants to continue the existing cooperation with the United States, the other tends to advocate for more democracy. And finally it is even more opaque to the merger of two oil companies that will be placed in Washington over the stage.

Syriana is an incredibly complex, more reflective and committed film, in which it before rogues, sinister intent and power games just swarming. None of the persons appearing in any way a positive or designed to identify and invite more than once one believes in the thicket of information, and complications, which presented the film to lose track of things. Admittedly, not a light diet, but still absolutely worth seeing and is recommended for those who have always wanted to take a look behind the scenes of Ölgeschacheres.

One consolation, however, all those given to the hand before it shrink much more richness and complexity: The “big politics” and the intrigue of intelligence agencies, and corporate giants are even more opaque in truth. The only drawback of the film: The plot is so complex and labyrinthine, so detail and realitätsversessen that the number of characters (the film has about 70 speaking roles), their motives and feelings in addition to have little validity. However, this is a shortcoming that can be overlooked in this case, be happy, because the gain in knowledge is even higher. Especially in times like these, a brave and a necessary film and the evidence that from Hollywood and also has the power to put their finger on open wounds and to accuse the dark side of globalization, the interpenetration of economic interests to enter into politics. More like this!

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Syriana Country of production: USA Year of production: 2005 Length: 126 (Min) of material: (# ) Warner Bros.

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