Genre: Drama
               Writers, Turkey, Bauer, Anatolia

The quiet passage of time

  Semih Kaplanoğlus new film Süt / Milk is the second part of his “Yusuf” trilogy, which began in 2007 with Yumurta / Eggs its opener. And yet everything is completely different: Because of this, the second part is actually the first one. Because he plays in time before start of the trilogy and relies on the youth Yusuf, whom we met in Yumurta as a middle-aged man.

In Süt Yusuf (Melih Selçuk) early 20s and lives with his widowed mother, Zehra (Basak Köklükaya) in an Anatolian town, where the effort to keep both the sale of dairy products across the water. Only two cows are, from whose milk they produce their products. And the competition with the shooting from the floor supermarkets is getting tougher, even in Anatolia, makes itself felt, the changing population structure. Nevertheless Zehra maintains the traditions of simple living, as she knows from her own family. Her son, however, since the death of his father’s nominal head of the family, pursue quite different aims. As one of his poems is reprinted from a literary magazine to take his dreams of life as a writer increasingly shape; Yusuf is increasingly coming into conflict with the preferences and attitudes of his mother. But whose life changes when she falls in love with the station manager (Serif Erol). Finally, Yusuf was drafted to the military. And here, far from the familiarity and closeness of his home town, he realizes that his life is facing a crucial turning point that he needs to make decisions that affect his whole future life …
(# required) Have patience Semih Kaplanoğlu Süt with the viewer from. After almost ten minutes of the first set of the film falls in comparison to other films, the dialogue is in short supply, the silence and the unspoken, unsaid take at least as large room. The slow flow of images, with numerous long and almost rigid, sometimes intricate settings opposes the viewing habits of the modern Western-style cinema, sometimes abundantly shows influences Tarkwoskis, Bergman and other film auteur of days past. Also because Kaplanoğlu its various plots and narrative levels (the one the mother-son relationship, on the other hand, the variety of social changes, fractures and processes that will always cast their shadow over the private links) mainly through pictures and symbols and hardly any dialogues or rapid turns in telling the story.

If you find the time and muse on all of its own dreamy, engaging atmosphere permeated by symbols from Süt, hineinfindet who is sleepwalking into the rhythm of the film, which is – apart from the almost like an alien-looking finale significantly increased when the pace will do – what film can sometimes be even more: an invitation to dream, a journey into the lost time of youth, where the clocks were ticking differently.

Just in time Süt now comes to the cinemas, for the last part of Semih Kaplanoğlus “Yusuf” trilogy is already in a few weeks to celebrate its premiere, the film called Bal / Honey running in competition at this year’s 60 . Berlinale. It will be interesting, will lead the way in which Kaplanoğlu this triptych over. One of the expectant audience, however, should be clear – no matter what the filmmaker also takes narrative tricks: There will most likely remain at very thoughtful and introspective narrative rather ductus. Anything else would be a big surprise.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Süt Original Title: Milk Country of production: Germany, France, Turkey Year of production: 2009 Length: (# ) 102 (min) of material: mitosfilm tone / language: OmdU

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