Survival of the Dead

Survival of the Dead

Survival of the Dead

               Genre: Horror
               Zombie, soldiers, rivals, are island

The wolf enough people together

  The swing zombie movies, which makes George A. Romero is now, more and more with each other, merge together to have the smell of a great world design that we have received from various angles to see with different narrator voices. Rarely has there been such diverse views of a very American Apocalypse, she was so very rarely expressed their own time and response. The man is now seventy years old and will probably still continue for some time and we hope for the best.

This was indeed the beginnings of rather modest: The Night of the Living Dead 1968 was a private small-scale project, with money and zusammengeliehenem rotated extras from the circle of friends on many weekends – that Romero was with this film and with Zombie Zombie 2, and the classic zombie movie at its christening, there was not really in sight. Then he let the flesh-eating undead to rest for a while, until he and Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead in recent years, zombies brought back to the canvas.

Whether he and Survival of the Dead is now to some extent a second trilogy would bring to an end, one knows not yet, however, the recent films are densely formed in succession and at least visually and thematically intertwined than Romero’s three classics. In the latest film expresses the protagonist in the first place: Colonel, Nicotine ‘Crockett (Alan Van Sprang) has already appeared as a minor character in Diary of the Dead, where he was the leader of a dispersed unit of the National Guard supplies the main characters in their camper van for private use ” confiscated “.

Survival of the Dead goes on to relate, then, what happened to the National Guard – have passed a few months after the zombie apocalypse, somehow they have made their way. When they pick up a young man (Devon Bostick), this brings it supposedly found on the track of a small island off the east coast of America, to the survivor safe haven.

At Plum reality, however, looks a little different from : Although the people there, the zombies under control, but they argue about how to proceed with them. Is one the once so familiar, perhaps relatives, rather off with head wounds, such as Patrick O’Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) and his clan is calling for, or at least better captured, chained and hope for a cure? Seamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick) takes this thesis and hunts O’Flynn of the island, but later reversed this, together with the soldiers back.

That this set-up allows plenty of conflict is clear, and more than In Romero’s previous films, the people here at war with each other, while the zombies are more of a problem, talked about and discussed and debated is, as they would in fact be perpetually dangerous. This corresponds with what many political messages, Romero had integrated into his films – always people together wolf enough, the zombies (at most of the pressure cooker and) obviously a metaphor for the powerless masses, or perhaps a catalyst through which the conflicts are more acute. ( Increases #)
is used in Survival Of The Dead by the fact that O’Flynn and Muldoon – both Irish-Patriarch, the Opposition are not accustomed nor willing to accept him – are not exactly sympathetic characters. (As an alliance of film to another type with the post-classical Western, which it otherwise – to figure constellations, settings and more – is proving nod.) On the contrary, their obstinacy is ultimately fatal for all involved. Which of the answers, which both give to the question of how to deal with the zombies, which is really correct, it remains true in the movie (maybe) not go unanswered, but it is ultimately irrelevant, they are being discredited both by the behavior of men . This is in some ways a step forward in complexity to Romero’s previous works, which are often spread too clear right and wrong in the figures, but it goes hand in hand with the impression of a certain lack of concentration in the narrative.

For ultimately, the story is meandering toward a moment funny and forth, making the script to all sorts of side scenes and presents them at the end of a bloody zombie attack, of course, the genre it wants to, eventually had to come here but it is all pre-term relationships and conflicts adopted in a large blood and Gedärmebad.

Maybe this is only a trick: maybe want Romero to approve the storytelling itself, the grand narrative, the ethical questions for its apocalyptic world and its futility in the face of destruction spread before our eyes. Remains only the question whether it still could somehow make an exciting movie.

(Rochus Wolff)

Title: Survival of the Dead Country of production: Canada, USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 90 (Min) (# ) Distribution: film star / Splendid Film

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