Genre: Drama, Crime
               Journalist, prostitution, police, St. Paul, reformatory, station
  Sun unpretentious and relentlessly his director Roland click with the manifestations of his own movie deal generation of the 1960s to the 1980s, so that also allows film to be a supermarket of 1973. In contrast to the so-called New German Cinema, the filmmakers set the time on social criticism, said Roland Klick unabashedly the entertainment aspect of his work in the focus and criticized often polemical attitude is that only films “honorable” are, “in which people sit and “yawn. This innocuous threat put the audience of supermarket in any event, because this story of a rebellious outsider and its milieu has an atmospheric tension, in their presence, the director well and did very well manages to convey just as delicate as a massive social movement.

From the reform school piled expresses the young Willi (Charly Wierczejewski) around in St. Paul, when he is finally caught by the police. In the hustle and bustle at the station offered him the socially committed journalist Frank (Michael Degen), its support, and after his flight takes Willi actually in contact with him. But Willi will be drawn more to the edge figures in the neighborhood, and he comes under the wing of the mangy, boiled Small Time Crooks Theo (Walter Kohut), feel when he is curiously comfortable seems like the bourgeois Gutmenschentum of the journalist and his girlfriend Anna (Eva Schukardt). Willi initially also still tends to go out at certain inhibitions about his existential petty crime, he gives them in the course of the brutality of the events soon. When he lost the very appearing Monica (Eva Mattes) met, he will end up with Theo the great coup to be cut off with the young woman from Hamburg together …

dual band in gold with the film for director Roland Klick and actor Walter Kohut excellent supermarket lives of his subtly orchestrated contrasts and contradictions, which are tantamount to the unpleasing and initially did gentle obstinacy of the acting is simply terrific classic anti-hero. In particular, Charly Wierczejewski as Willi, but also the entire ensemble plays with a moving intensity, but never slips into pathos and charges the wonderfully simple subscribed ambivalences of grottig-brilliant characters with sudden stress.

The atmospheric music used by Peter Hesslein flanked the drama in an appealing manner, carrying emotions that come within the guidelines very sparingly expressed. In particular, the title song “Celebration”, to which Roland written click the text and has the by Marius Müller-Westernhagen under the pseudonym of Marius West is sung, who also dubbed the main character, and in the background now and then, Udo Lindenberg, was quite outstanding to the bleak atmosphere fits Hamburger, whose backdrop succeeded corresponds with the story.

In many ways, a supermarket ungeschnörkelte, provocative attack is on the expectations of the audience, but not because the twists are so unfathomable. It’s the smoldering moods of hopelessness and predictable, but apparently unavoidable misery, which burn with creeping disquiet growing sea and its suggestive images directly into the optic nerve and radiate from there, her exciting discomfort. This is cinematic art at a high level, with Roland clicks so designed interpretation of this term entertainment component gives an absolutely honest.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Supermarket Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 1973 Length: 80 (Min.) Published at: ( #) Al! ve format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 2.0, German EAN: 4260155290060 Extras: with booklet information and background stories Talk with Claudius Seidl

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