Super 8 Stories – TV-Tip of the Week

Super 8 Stories - TV-Tip of the Week

Super 8 Stories – TV-Tip of the Week

  Suitable for competitive participation of his new movie titled “Life is a Miracle at Cannes this week ARTE Emir Kusturica’s documentary Super 8 Stories from the year 2001.

In his Kusturica film deals with the roots of the Balkan punk. A music that was through the films of Emir Kusturica, in particular, Black Cat, White Cat-known and popular. The main role in the film, the punk band No Smoking Orchestra , the imminent 20 years ago “when everything is still” was established in Sarajevo and was within a few months for the cult band of a generation. Like a Gypsy Caravan musicians who – without the protection of one side or another seek and without taking sides – all the tragedies in the history of this region is going through.

Introduces Kusturica all members of the band, makes their individual stories into each other so that a typical collage of various themes and motifs of private super-8 films, television and concert recordings archive images arises from the emergence of the much music and life in the shattered Balkan says. From war-torn Belgrade, the film looks at the roots of this music: the cafes in which to play the gypsy bands, old music teacher, recording studios, rehearsal basement, families. Closer to accompany the camera, the No Smoking Orchestra on their tours and concerts in Italy, France and Germany, shows the life of the Balkan Band on the move: the daily confrontation with Western Europe, the hotel rooms, bus trips, nights with lots of alcohol, fatigue after the concerts, and of course the whole musical repertoire of the band.

Title: Super 8 Stories – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Germany, Italy Year of production: 2001 Length: 90 ( min)

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