Summer Wars

Summer Wars

Summer Wars

               Genre: Animated
               Internet, holiday, parallel world, avatar, Berlinale 2010

If reality and virtuality are united

  In the near future, an invention called the OZ has made it possible to combine virtual with the real life too. OZ is an Internet world where you can make friends avatar everything necessary for life. You can shop, pay his taxes to go to school and meet friends. Kenji is a student, a math freak and part-time administrator of OZ. He has already come to terms with the fact that the summer is boring as Natsuki, his secret love offers him a job. He should take her to her grandmother’s birthday to the country and do it there as if he were her boyfriend. Next Kenji is reluctant, but the shy boy can refuse nothing to his dream girl, and so, they will embark on the road. Upon arrival, Kenji gets a text message with a mathematical puzzle. He spends half the night with the solution. When he awoke the next morning, everything is different. Kenji’s Avatar was hacked and fail to use the OZ-internal rules. By combining real-world gone mad with OZ the avatar can now actually control the world. When he threatens a satellite crash on a nuclear power plant, and as comes out, that the person behind the avatar omnipotent, could be a family member who decides to fight Natsukis family.

Summer Wars is a film that Several contemporary issues handled. In particular, the progressive and barely controlled crosslinking of the real world with the Internet and the potential consequences, is here edited futuristic. Thus, far from the utopia of the film we are not at all. As demonstrated already infinite data thieves, phishing attempts and hacked pages, the Web can drive a lot of nonsense. In Summer Wars can control the whole world. From the tax until the fire department, are all connected with OZ, and therefore easily controlled. A controlling authority does not exist. Everyone is looking at a loss as Kenji’s avatar does his mischief. Except for the grandmother, the last generation that grew up in a non-digital world. Natsukis family’s roots reach to the 13th Century ago to one of the most famous samurai. Since virtually forced the nobility and it is equipped auchvielen analog connections, the family unit and traditional knowledge, the only remaining weapon against the threat.

Director Mamoru Hosoda Summer brings an anime re-Wars opera to the screen. Fantastic staged sensitively balanced with dramatic and comic elements, takes his film quickly to ride and transports the audience on a roller coaster ride at its best. The epic struggle between good and evil here is not only moved into digital, but also manifests itself in well-designed nuances and shades of gray, giving the complexity of history and authenticity. Does not even get bored on the contrary, the attention to detail and the sophisticated characters completely suck the viewer into the action.

(Beatrice Behn)

Title: Summer Wars Original Title: which Sama Country of production: Japan Year of production: 2009 Length: 114 (min)

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