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               Brother-sister relationship, brothers, Single father, Berlinale 2010, Junkie, alcoholism

It Runs in the Family

  Two brothers whose paths diverged, and the cross again: This is the stuff of which knitting is Thomas Vinterberg’s new film Submarino. And it seems as if Vinterberg and his recent analysis of a dysfunctional family (after the festival) again returned to his real subject. Indeed, even though Submarino does not submit to the principles of DOGMA 95, he achieved a similar weight and relevance as Vinterberg’s debut, which once made him famous.

Nick (Jakob Cedergren) and his younger brother (Peter Plaugborg) have a difficult childhood behind him – his mother was a hardcore alcoholic, so that the two boys had to provide her little brother, until one morning dead lay in bed. Much more we did not initially know. But one senses quickly that this has left its mark, even today, many years later. Nick has just been released from prison, he is to become a block of guy, tempers like a man possessed his body, drink tons of beer and occasionally missed by his neighbor a blowjob is. Otherwise, he is incapable of any form of bond and relationship, and felt anxious to defend themselves against the world. When his mother dies, he meets for the first time in a long time his younger brother, who has managed at least at first glance, the leap into a better, more regular life. But appearances are deceiving. While Nick’s brother has a six-year-old boy named Martin, to whom he lovingly cares. But his life is determined only by concern for his young son, especially from his drug addiction. Although the two brothers live in the same area, their paths rarely cross. And when they finally found both in prison again, it’s too late for a debate and a refurbishment of its disastrous past …

Is a broken world, which tells of Thomas Vinterberg in his new film. Drunkenness, neglect, violence fantasies, drug addiction and sexual assaults of any kind, and dead babies lying in their own bodily excretions mothers – almost nothing is spared and it is really one to cry, how much misery can occur within a single family. Nevertheless, the whole thing never looks overdone or voyeuristic, but in spite of hardship, and especially emotional brutality always affectionate, compassionate and full of touching moments.

Miss lungs is hardly anything on this film – quite the contrary. Starting with two wonderful protagonists and two are also highly active children who are seen at the beginning and end of the film, a clever clasp script that almost sailed all the cliches accurately up to a stunning image design Vinterberg does almost everything right and achieve his film, especially the hearts of the audience. And although the topic is heavy and gloomy, he nevertheless finds the possibility einzustreuen with his own style humor in his portrait of two brother from broken relationships, so that one could really laugh at least two places free, in order to determine the next moment that this coarse jokes were quite likely to be stuck in the throat to the laughter.

But if one is looking strictly for the fly in the ointment of this disturbing drama, it is worth recording the unnecessary resolution of an open question from the beginning of the film, which would have greater effect if they are just not at the end auserzählt would have been. A little hint: It’s about the “baptism of her little brother under the sheet. Especially given the many gaps and blind spots in the story who knows the film but always skillfully use to his advantage, this resolution seems a little strange family secrets out of place and unnecessary especially. One might in fact it may think. Much more can, however, at this very successful film does not expose too. Even if you feel a little like then rotated through a meat grinder. Perhaps, however, that hope can take root, the film, at least for a brief moment, there are indeed at least two of the characters a chance to still make something of their lives – like the circumstances be so bad.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Submarino Country of production: Denmark Year of production: 2010 Length: 110 (Min)

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