Stranger than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

  Harry Crick must die. So it wants the writer Karen Eiffel, for Harry (Will Ferrell) is the protagonist of her new novel. But Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson) suffers from writer’s block, she does not know how they should kill her Harry. Which she does not know is that Harry really is. As she describes it, he Tapert lonely and routinely through life as an honest tax official. As a lover, he counts the number of steps to the bus, he calculated the brush strokes when brushing your teeth in no time and solves complex mathematical problems. A lonely sausage this is Harry and that you can enjoy life too, is completely foreign to him. One day a voice pulls him out of his daily routine: a woman’s voice, British accent, tells exactly what he is doing, thinking and feeling – and the middle of the brushing ritual. It gets better: this voice can not get rid of Harry Crick, followed him everywhere, driving him to distraction.

So begins the story of Stranger Than Fiction / Stranger Than Fiction. As in his previous films (Monsters Ball, Stay, When Dreams alternates learn to fly), directed by Marc Foster between truth and fiction, between dream and reality become blurred, and he breaks down the barriers between life and death. Harry is alive, but lifeless is his mind, his morbid lifestyle, he shall die, but he wants to survive. Harry is just beginning to live rightly, as his narrative voice predicts standing before his death. He wants to prevent by all means, not a colleague, not a psychoanalyst to help him, knows there is only one that needs help and that’s literature professor Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman). His advice to live up to Harry that he should his life not as tragedy but as farce. So what is more precious than a romance between a tax expert and a rebellious young woman who does not pay their taxes? When the notorious loner Harry in the lively, communicative, Ana (Maggie Gyllenhaal) in love? As different as the two are so delicious the ingredients for a comedy. It smells like a happy ending – who still wants his death? – But Harry has to die so, the only way to Karen Eiffel shine with her new novel in the literary world. One way out there, and we prefer to watch even in the movies.

Thumbs up for Marc Foster’s creative film, the jaunty, off-beat script by Zach Helm, the visually brilliant facilities by Kevin Thompson. Stranger Than Fiction / Stranger Than Fiction is verschwurbelt and original as the stories and characters from the screenplays of Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation, Catch Me If You), looks impersonal and sterile as the films of Jacques Tati (Playtime) My uncle and sprays before tragic-comic scenes and characters as we know from Woody Allen films (Scoop, Melinda and Melinda). Marc Foster knows to hold together the threads always nice, it gives us at this time, no confusing puzzles like Stay, he gives us full awareness hopping between the sheets of paper in his typewriter and Harry’s real life. Is that possible? In the cinema forever.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Stranger) Than Fiction (# Original Title: Stranger Than Fiction Country of production: USA Year of production: 2006 Length: (# ) 113 (min) of material: Sony Pictures

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