Stay out

Stay out

Stay outside

  The issue of the refusal, first of all truants on the track drove the filmmaker Alexander Riedel in Munich around at appropriate places for young people to converge towards this phenomenon. In this way, he finally got to Valentina and Suli also know that remain over time as the leading ladies of his documentary Outside emerged, which was premiered at the Hof International Film Festival 2007, was now seen at some festivals and even on the weekend in the International Documentary Film Festival Prize of the Munich Film and Television Fund Bavaria won.

The fate of being refugees, led the two friends Valentina (16) and Suli (together 17), who grew up together in a Munich dormitories. Valentina was five years old when she fled with her mother and brother from Kosovo to Germany, and the family lived in the uncertainty of a unresolved residency status, which was granted to her again and again only a short-term tolerance, until September 2007, family an granted permanent residency. Sulis family is among the Uyghur, which are among the most threatened nations in the world, and were all nine years ago after fleeing from China to Germany soon recognized as political refugees and have been living for a while in his own apartment. Nevertheless, Valentina and Suli remained intimate friends, who spend their best times when they are out there, depending on the other side of family and school with other girls or playing football, just let yourself drift, where the concentrated energy of their teenage existence to the surface penetrates. Valentina is not particularly aggressive, often charged, which provide end a four-week juvenile.

For over a year director Alexander Riedel and his cameraman Martin Farkas has always accompanied the two young women and their environment, and it has blossomed into a film, the bar in an authentic, immediate display of any comments or interview Dialogs and still is the essential personal and social aspects of transport and thus constitutes an important contribution to the great red-hot topic of the social life of immigrants in Germany.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Stay Outside Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 84 (Min) of material: ( #) Zorro Film Distribution

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