Spring Symphony

Spring Symphony

Spring Symphony

  Having already been revived at this year’s Berlinale Peter Schamoni’s Spring Symphony in 1983, has decided the Progress Film Distribution to launch the Classic is now once again in the cinema – a reunion with an absolutely noteworthy film, which have for music lovers a must seen “is. And not only because Herbert Grönemeyer, here is Robert Schuhmann, the great composers of German Romanticism.

The movie tells the love story between Clara Wieck (Nastassja Kinski) and Robert Schumann (Herbert Grönemeyer), but also the history of love-hate relationship between Schumann and Wieck (Rolf Hoppe), the father of Clara, who is his daughter connect in more than fatherly love. While he has a career, he wants to realize himself as an artist. What would Clara Wieck without? What would become of Schumann without them? All three have a passion: music. The fight that the two men lead to Clara, is also a struggle between different arts and lifestyles, a battle of generations. Schumann premarital life, his various love affairs, his excessive piano exercises, which are leading to self-mutilation, his early, manic-feverish music in stark contrast to the traditional virtuosity, which manifests Wieck brilliantly with his daughter.

Climax of the film is the process that will lead to Schumann and Clara’s marriage license must. Wieck for a world collapses, while Clara Schumann wins. His “Spring Symphony” is an expression of his love, his passion for Clara, and expression of a victory won after many setbacks. But it is only a temporary victory.

The script of this poetic film is based on authentic sources and adheres strictly to historical facts. With the high-profile appointment of Herbert Grönemeyer, Rolf Hoppe and Nastassja Kinski Director Peter Schamoni today’s viewers can bring to the life, thought, and the music of the bygone era of romance. Here, the film pays homage to the great talent of Clara Schumann’s respect. As a famous musician, she was responsible for the publication and success of the works of her husband. As Schamoni realized his Film 1982 on location, was the German-German cooperation as a small cultural revolution.

Peter Schamoni’s masterpiece brought, inter alia, the Federal Film Prize in Gold for Nastassja Kinski, the Bavarian Film Award for Directing, as well as several international film awards and is still a sensual pleasure of music, passion and love.

Title: Spring Symphony Country of production: Germany Year of production: 1983 Length: 103 (Min) of material: (# ) Progress Film Distribution

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