Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
               Scientists, genetic engineering, genetic material

Thou shalt not underestimate the self-created monsters

  The header is already enrolled in the truest sense of the word, the topic that the film will approach: As you can see the names of the main characters and written in more tissues than blood vessels, cell structures, organic forms. Cultural production seems to have been transmitted directly to the Biological and splice does exactly that before, and ask further: What happens then?

Clive and Elsa (Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley) are both personally and professionally a couple, two brilliant life scientists to manipulate the genetic code as a mechanic with rivets and screws. In their own small research laboratory “NERD” (we suspect, self-care which of the two, and sees it also in her apartment), subdivision of a large pharmaceutical company, they operate the mixing of genetic material from different species. After a particular success, they want to continue to press ahead on the combination of animal with human genes, but are held back: Now there was only one time for the production of substances before they could pursue such an ethically problematic goals.

Reluctantly agree the two, but at least Elsa secretly wants to test out how far they can go – in a closed laboratory succeeds in breeding a hybrid embryo, which is growing amazingly fast, and before the two can overcome their reluctance to kill the creature before it alone is viable, this is already pushing to the birth of his artificial womb.

Splice is full of such moments: While people are still reluctant to seek life, as it was called the Jurassic Park already, his way . And while the creature that is born here, of course, is a monster in the traditional sense, she is at home and in the outer (given by Abigail Chu and dolphins Chanéac also) very human, and so too are the analogies that the film subliminally between the creation of Dren (as Clive and Elsa call her baby: Nerd, read backwards pull) and a pregnancy, not by chance. Elsa wants to, even though Clive is pressing, not a child. She was afraid that he accuses her once before, losing control, they certainly would rather choose the creation qua science.

That you can not lose control while the less easily is obviously a topic of horror films – countless ( #) mad scientists have fled their creatures, which they believed submissive and docile. In essence, the Pygmalion -stories in which the dressing should fail, according to the ideas of the Creator, because the creature is more than he was able to imagine. And that is what happens here: Clive and especially Elsa Dren, first seen in an animal, a pet at all, to make ready for this – other late them actually knowing it, the more and more resembles a young woman who equals, perhaps even superior. Since they have Dren long ago, because the laboratory had to be evacuated and hidden in a barn, Elsa has inherited a farm and in the winter foggy forests around it then it must come to the final confrontation.
Sun will then splice unexpectedly, but not surprising looking at a classic horror film monsters, in setting and style of the horror films such as James Whale (Frankenstein, The Invisible Man) cited. Director and writer Vincenzo Natali, the genre audience so far mainly by its two films Cube and Cypher announced, here is his love for these films run free, and expression – even the names of the protagonists of the era, are borrowed, or the name of the actor Colin Clive ( Frankenstein), and Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein). He makes sure, however the style and tone, but beyond that Natali is equipping its lovable monsters, not only with a complex personality, but thinks the relationship between man and monster for a few more, sometimes painful steps.

The fact that this film goes far beyond the most superficial sensationalism of contemporary monster movies, he owes his principal actors. Brody and Polley give scientists their true determination and hubris on the road, but both were in the face Dren fascinated not only by their skill and the result of their work, but also helpless and vulnerable (and sometimes hysterical, over-tired so happy, as it normally only may be young parents). In Dren pays off, that Natali has decided not to be a monster, although not on CGI, but relies on gestures and facial expressions especially on Chanéacs skills. The monster is human for us all: And all the more terrible are the moments in which we become aware of his monstrosity.

(Rochus Wolff)

Title: Splice Country of production: Canada, France, USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 108 (Min) Rental: Central Film Distribution

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