A train station in London. Dennis Cleg (Ralph Fiennes), which since childhood, each only calls “Spider”, leaving a train and begins a walk into an uncertain future. After many years in an institution for the criminally insane, he should be resocialized into society. The state has given him into the custody of the resolute Mrs. Wilkinson (Lynn Redgrave), which operates in a shabby neighborhood a pension for people like Spider.

Spider is a wreck. Confused mumbling and he moves very slowly shuffled through the city. He wears four shirts above the other, even about an old trench coat. His sole possession is a snuff-box from which he turns tirelessly cigarettes, and a tattered suitcase, which contains nothing but an alarm clock, many of twine and a thin booklet that makes into an unidentifiable Krakelschrift Spider in his diary entries. In the “pension”, which is little more than a better shelter for the homeless, is Spider for themselves. Only the eccentric Terrence (John Neville), speaks tirelessly at him and does not seem to mind that Spider is not particularly responsive.

, But so quiet on the surface like Spider also be – in his mind, it seethes. Spiders brain is full of flashbacks to his childhood and the bloody terrible secret that has made him what he is. Now that he is from the seclusion of the prison out and returned to the scene of his past begins to catch him, the nightmare again. Spider sees himself as a child and experienced the horror once again: He sees his mother (Miranda Richardson), a kindhearted, gentle, but also a latent depressive woman who is his one and only. With his father (Gabriel Byrne), however, links him a real love-hate relationship based on reciprocity. At some time, spider out of the pub to pick up his father for dinner. There is always also sits Yvonne (Miranda Richardson) – a loud, vulgar person who draws his father, however, magically, so he begins an affair with Yvonne. The sensitive spider the whole thing is not hidden, more and more withdrew the boy begins to tighten like a spider twine through his room.

At some suspects including spiders Mother, what are you doing man. When she wants to see him in the pub, he is not there. Mrs. Cleg “is on its way to their allotment. When she opens the door to the little shack, where she discovered her husband and Yvonne in a unique pose. Without hesitation, Mr. rises Cleg, takes a shovel to seek out far and kills his wife. Laughing, Yvonne and the murderer then bury their victims in the bloody vegetable patch. From then on, Yvonne lives as a new mother in the house spider. All pretend that nothing had changed. Apparently Spider plays with the game, he makes it sound as if this terrible actually his mother. His father believes he would have his son under control. But Spider sits in his room, surrounded by an ever denser network of filaments and devises a plan …

Spider is a work of art, overlap in the various levels of perception, memory, reality and time itself penetrate mutually dependent, and thus create a new very own perspective on the world. A world that is dominated by madness, and the audience more and more under its spell draws, for Spiders view of the world is widening and is here for all the dominant narrative stance. Without resorting to the usual symbols of schizophrenia Cronenberg relies on a sophisticated and subtle doses of drama and a mastery of equipment, the film also can be a visual experience. A very exciting film experiment that looks like him in the cinema.

Title: Spider Country of production: Canada, United Kingdom Year of production: 2002 Length: 91 (Min) of material: Columbia Tristar

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