Special to the Short Film Festival Oberhausen – TV-Tip of the Week

Special to the Short Film Festival Oberhausen - TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Short
Tuesday 5 May 2009, 3sat, 23:00 Clock

The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen open, 30 April to 5 May 2009 to 55 Times their doors – an essential event of the long film festival landscape, traveling to this year some 1,000 accredited visitors from over 50 nations in the Ruhr. Advertised in the five contests, in which are 132 films from 36 countries at the start, their short position 120 directors treasures in person. Then there is the great again in Oberhausen time for small films, and in the accompanying program to the Short Film Festival 3sat show five films from the competitions, and two winners of last year.

A young already quite experienced and extremely attractive actor could Serdal Karaca for his film moruk win, what the flippant, friends customary term “age” means: Oktay Özdemir, who already for its vivid depictions of extreme characters, including in Detlev Buck’s Tough Enough (2006) and the spectacular TV drama anger ( #) (2006) by Züli Aladağ noticed as an exceptional talent and in playing a friend of mine (2006) by Sebastian Schipper with Jürgen Vogel, Daniel Brühl. In moruk he embodies a couple of friends with Burak Yigit Murat and Hakan, two-rehearsed buddy who Temperatmentsbolzen and the still water. Their world revolves in the Kreuzberg district to the next Spliff and the attitudes and concerns of their existence as Turkish guys in Berlin, where she often got into verbal altercations with each other. When they fall, one day the friends Irina (Irina Potapenko) and Clare (Clare Bonsall) into the eye is fresh air into the daily routine of the slopes …
with a social-issue of our time engaged in the documentary review Not like any of Carmen and Dirk Losmann Lütter: What is the personal price to pay if they go young professionals nowadays in the machinery of a promising career canvassing, which is now being boosted by a few companies actually a psychodrama as a little elitist selection? This question is not necessarily pleasant problem as the two young directors with the camera, the Cologne job fair has driven to meet regularly where powerful makers agree on economic beginners.

The Frankfurt Klöfkorn artist Michel, who had already been awarded for previous short films, this year in Oberhausen with nn representing an animation movie about the wiry enemies of pigeons in the cities, which are referred to as “doves stopper”, and to preserve the monuments of civilization from the muddy attacks the flying symbols of peace. The director, who was also often operated in the field of music videos, including documentaries for the sound of Gypsy (2007), The Center (2004) and the grandiose Absolut Warhola (2001) by Stanislaw Mucha responsible. With N.N. He proves his emphasis on not infrequently as “rats of the skies” outlaw pigeon, by the treacherous wire devices simply turned to their defense.

Murphy called the light, colors and sound experimental, award-winning video artist Bjørn Melhus his contribution, which has been installed within the scene is already quite a name. This is about the imagination of a classic film from the action segment whose dramaturgy by audio-visual impressions will be modeled. A spectacle that captures the concentration of the viewer in strangely appealing.

The Hamburg filmmaker Joerg Wagner, also with successes such as Forklift Driver Klaus – The first working day (2000) and Motodrom (2006) not an unknown representative of short works, documented in the context of a sound installation with a very trenchant images of its logistical operations in a container port. It arises in an artful combination of the terminal daily routine of work and lyrical transfiguration, which combines the banal with the creatives.

I Killed The Butterflies of Cyril and Lachauer Supersensibel of Xenia Yvon decide Lesniewski than two winning films of last year the program. An objective sounding trip into the director’s childhood when he used to kill butterflies, is at the heart of the First, received the Cyril Lachauer 2008 at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen ex aequo the prize by 3sat. Supersensibel, which was also excellent, is a stark animation to the dimensions and depths of sexual feelings and desires, backed by the element of fear – an unusually impressive female perspective of vigorous intensity.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Special Program for the Short Film Festival Oberhausen – TV-Tip of the Week Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 – 2009

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