Southland Tales – Cannes 2006

Southland Tales - Cannes 2006

Southland Tales – Cannes 2006

  If one of the main character has a film in competition at Cannes are already given the thoughtful artist name “The Rock”, suggesting that much and suspect something. The muscle-bound giant Dwayne Johnson, a former professional wrestler, Southland Tales begins with his film career, and in the opinion of many critics, they should go with this strip is already coming to an end. Sic transit gloria mundi!

The plot is quickly told, despite all the confusion and hardly worth it plays in the U.S. during 2008. Since Texas has an atomic bomb destroyed the United States sinking into chaos. Throughout the nation is fighting against its upright (never specifically identified) enemies, in the midst of the chaos that has engulfed the picturesque beaches of California, are a Boxer (The Rock) and a porn starlet (Sarah Michelle Gellar), this finally a large-scale conspiracy to track down.

What was – intended as “a black comedy about the end of the world” – as director Richard Kelly about his film, came at the screening on the Croisette in Cannes veritable becoming a laughing stock, with the outcome of the competition purely should have nothing to do. The unaudited net newspaper the strip at least a title of the recent low point of the festival. Other Press barely walk better with the work, Variety called Southland Tales, a fiasco, and the mirror is a disaster. Maximum penalty for a movie and a resounding slap in the face of the selection committee to festival director Thierry Fremaux. Actually, it can now only get better, the fact is, many agree.

Title: Southland Tales – Cannes 2006 Country of production: USA Year of production: 2006 Length: 160 (Min)

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