Sometimes in April – Berlinale Competition 2005

Sometimes in April - Berlinale Competition 2005

Sometimes in April – Berlinale Competition 2005

Sometimes in April and Hotel Rwanda, which ran out of competition, show two perspectives on the genocide in Rwanda. While one focuses exclusively on the events surrounding the hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina, Raoul Peck focuses on Augustine and Honoré Muganza, two brothers who were both on the side of the ruling Hutus. One of the two, Augustine, is a soldier in the militia of Hutus, but married to a Tutsi and endorses the murder of not, dear, he goes out of the country. His family, however, he can return, in the care of his brother. He will never see her again. The other, Honore, whips up as a radio spokesman for the hatred against the Tutsis, who called for him only cockroaches. The killing starts, and beat him with scenes of unimaginable cruelty, the Hotel Rwanda still quite a bit of ruthlessness. Unlike in this film, which touches on the Hotel Milles Collines “hardly leaves the camera through the streets of Kigali here shows incredible scenes that babies who play amid piles of bodies, school children who are simply massacred in rows. Dancing and laughing beside the bodies of the Tutsi Hutus. Pictures, which one will not soon forget. And, as in Hotel Rwanda also shows Raoul Peck look away as simply the representatives of the West.

It is odd to see the same story from two very different perspectives. And it did show quite undeniable drawbacks, both films in a row – although one also ran out of competition. Because it will lead to drastic way to remember that it is a completely successful film about a topic like this can not be, ruthlessly sets, each film’s weaknesses and shortcomings of each other dar. And even if you learn both in retrospect as a look at, so one has seen only a fraction of the “truth” – if there should be.

Title: Min Sometimes in April – Berlinale Competition 2005 Country of production: U.S., UK Year of production: 2004 Length: 139 ( )

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