So happy I’ve never been (DVD)

So happy Ive never been (DVD)

           So happy I’ve never been (DVD)
               Genre: comedy drama
               Cheats, prostitutes, doom
  What is an impostor? One who is transformed in seconds from the beleaguered underdog in a masterful financial juggler. So far the prevailing cliché. It looks like behind the scenes, shows the wonderful shimmering tragicomedy by Alexander Adolph. The movie opens with a scene in a premium boutique where you will remember for a long time. A serious-looking man speaks in a stylish customer who considers himself pensively in the mirror. He flattered her, shy and impudent one. And goes so far as to give her the pink coat she had gone because of the high price again. The young woman refuses – and is still impressed. The confusion in the boutique is a complex, opaque meeting, whose true background will be explained at the very end. In between are 94 minutes, which have joined the game with reality and appearance prescribed not only because the so entertaining, is so surprising and so kinogerecht. But because it touches a point in us, which we indulge ourselves in life as before the canvas like. “Do you sometimes not even be someone completely different,” asks Frank – the gallant with the generous mood – the woman when he meets them later. It’s spicy. For Tanya works as a prostitute and seems to give access to the premium boutique with the miracle of a chameleon to have given. For Frank (Devid Striesow) was the harassment of the proud Tanja (Nadja Uhl), incidentally the last time being stinking rich performance as a music manager from London. His credit card gives him away as a con artist. He travels first two years in jail. Once outside, he will face 30 criminal history only one chance: unterzukommen with his brother, not the job as a cleaner at once to put at risk and to hang out ever again the big bloke. In a relapse would Frank holed for ten years, threatening the probation officer. A kind of rehab also. The time goes so well, until Frank accidentally Tanja see again. Devid Striesow plays a balancing act between the suffering dog and the slick Blender with an impressive range. How well he has the icy Manager on it, you could see, for example, in Christian Petzold’s Yella. But he explores all of these nuances through to mental illness, as the fraud is shown here – this creates a tension that thrives on the unpredictability of this character. In a sense, the director Adolph Alexander is in his feature film debut, a brilliant psychological study succeeded. For with crooks he knows his stuff. On this subject he had worked for their documentation, the impostor for five years. Fortunately, I was never so happy but more than psychology: Not for a moment, Frank appears as a mere “fall”, the admirable or repulsive skills you can contribute from a distance of cinema chair for himself. No, the film draws the viewer into the fascination and confusion that comes from this brittle and broken figure. The observer met the same fate as Tanya. The Frank actually believes a word, she sees through him completely. And can still not escape the dreams with which the virtuoso show-off can therefore only play so seductive, because he gets more back in states in which he himself believes it. It is a wonderful, because quite unusual love story that unfolds there. This couple obviously has no chance. And yet there are those few seconds that it creates the notorious swindler, her and himself to tell the truth. This moment will probably also not soon forget. (Peter Gutting)
  Title: So happy I’ve never been (DVD) Country of production: , Germany Year of Production: 2009 Length: 88 (Min. ) Published at: format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German EAN: 4006680055534 Extras: Behind the scenes, interviews with Nadja Uhl, Devid Striesow and Alexander Adolph, Trailer, turn cover

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