So dark the night

So dark the night
               Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror
  They are pale to live with blood, avoid the daylight, do not age and want to be invited in the door. Vampires are still firmly anchored in countless books and films. The Swedish adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist novel Let the Right One subjecting the ausgelutscht vampire myth is now a much-needed makeover.

Director Tomas Alfredson creates with his daring Genremix from tender teen romance, frosty social study and ghastly ghost story an enormous knock-on effect, which can be difficult to evade.

A large share of it, the two child actors, their characters sympathetic outsiders embody intense. Kare Hedebrandt plays with flaxen-haired “Michel Lönneberga” hairdo quiet eccentric Oscar. The 12-year-old ekes out a drab brick apartment building in the Swedish Nowhere is a lonely existence. Annoyed by the war, divorce of parents and mistreated by malicious Mitschülerstreichen to increase Oskar into dangerous aggression fantasies. When he goes he is very dirty late-night surprise on the playground in front of the house of the mysterious Eli (Lina Leandersson). Between the pale, despite snow and bitter cold running barefoot girls and Oscar develops after initial fears of contact a real friendship. As committed in the neighborhood ever more brutal murders, Eli makes itself scarce. Something seems to disagree with her. She never sleeps, but still unbelievable nimbly climbs up on walls and must Curiously, even after eating the smallest bite hard pass.

When Oskar is scratched with a knife in his arms to celebrate with Eli, the blood brotherhood is it a scandal. Without control over herself she throws herself on the floor like a dog licking greedily at the dripping blood. Now it dawns on even the horrified Oskar, Eli is a vampire – trapped in the body of a 12-year-olds. Now the boy’s own cautious fear defeat, to help the self-torment in dilapidated Eli.

No wonder that So dark the night / Lat komma rätt in on the film festival in Sitges, Stockholm and Toronto, was showered with prizes. Alfredson atmospherically-supercooled production moves away from The Little Vampire “cliches, but enthusiastic resonate with attention to detail, empathy and frozen-decelerated winter images, the long one. The desperation of the main characters and their unconditional search for closeness and security deeply touching. Equally shocking the brutal vulgarity of Oskar’s classmates, which is still a good thrashing at the least of evils. The more the audience can understand the violent revenge fantasies of Oscar. As he also implements one is still in shock as rare in a horror movie.

Is also convincing einflechtet, as casually and in a credible, realistic tone Alfredson supernatural vampire aspect of the dramatic story. It transforms this stylish on the trail of success fantasy Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) without del Toro to want to emulate in style or content.

The harsh Scandinavian Humor forget Alfredson, despite the depressing milieu description ever. A good example is an ugly scene, cupping of the benefactor of Eli, which is observed in the middle full of interest from a white birch forest king poodle.

So dark the night / Lat rätt the comma is a wonderful film full of originality and unforgettable moments. But as the director is working on the sound level is a symbolic feast for the ears. Whether crunch of boots in the snow, rattling breath of Eli, or the sound of dripping blood. Rarely has a film director told solely through the fine Geräuschpanoptikum as much as Tomas Alfredson. He succeeded with how dark the night / Lat rätt the comma is a perfectly shaped film enjoyment, of hiding from any genre models have

(Florian Koch)

Title: Let the Right One Original Title: Låt komma rätt in the Country of production: Sweden Year of production: 2008 Length : 114 (min) of material: MFA + Film Distribution

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