“The snow does not fall to cover the hill,
it falls, so that each animal can leave a trace of his passing .”

Bosnia in 1997: Two years after the Dayton Peace Agreement are being felt even in the small mountain village slavno the impact of the war, clearly and directly: Six women live here, an old Imam and his grandchildren and other disabled children – and not a single adult men, the husbands of the women and fathers of children have disappeared, their fate is two years after the end of the conflict is uncertain. Are they dead, they have settled, where are they? The missing men live on only in memories, in an almost playful moments, in which imitated by women of their missing men and to bring their children laugh. Scenes that break your heart and let breath away.

Otherwise, the struggle for sheer survival dominates the daily lives of villagers. Painfully keep the women with the sale of canned fruit compote over water, the little money goes straight to the essentials. On a reconstruction of the damaged village is obviously impossible. And so the women cling to any straw offered himself and dream of yours with the help of a truck driver, the canned fruit and vegetables on a large scale and thus find a sustainable livelihood – maybe just a dream, an illusion, nothing more. Much concrete is there already offered to make that two Serbian businessmen windy them, you want to buy the village to build in the area with the help of Western investors a resort. But the women can really give up their home? Within the traumatized community there is a painful struggle for the shadows of the past and the future. And then comes the first snow, which heralds a long, hard winter, are the fears and apprehensions of certainties.

With her debut feature film Snow was born in 1976 in Sarajevo, Aida Begic succeeds in an impressive way to take the whole drama of the Balkan war in pictures and to make tangible the loss without the need to conduct the war itself will be shown. Humor and deep sorrow, the sad and hardships of everyday life and almost magical elements form a unique, very authentic-looking atmosphere that moves and touches. After No Man’s Land by Danis Tanovic (2001) and Jasmila Zbanic’s Grbavica – Grbavica (2006) this is another film that examines the consequences of the war in Bosnia. And he has his two predecessors in every way. A very quiet, but all the more forceful film about the consequences of a nearly forgotten war.

At the 2008 Cannes Film Festival with the Grand Prix of the “Semaine de la Critique won. Furthermore, the film in the series was the 59th generation To see Berlinale.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Snow Original Title: Snijeg Country of production: Germany, France, Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina Year of production: 2008 Length: 100 (min) of material: mitosfilm

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