Smokin ‘Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball

Smokin Aces 2: Assassins Ball

           Smokin ‘Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball
               Genre: Action, Crime
               Assassin, Sequel, Bar, Bunker
  There is an unwritten law that says that you can do with the parlous state of continuation of a successful film, still good money. With Hollywood blockbusters of the order Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars, of course, this works on a completely detached level. Here, the budget is often tripled, which is then potentiated by the concentrated marketing power and self-perpetuating is. On a smaller level, as with The Marine 2, From Dusk Till Dawn 2-4 or Into the Blue 2, it is often the opposite direction. With a lower budget and lesser-known actors, they rely only on the established franchise name. And lo and behold, out of a mediocre rip-off is a proper sequel. And the title attracts the customers. And frankly that is just as legitimate. The devastating critiques of the continuation of Joe Carnahan (Narc) are original, then the reviewer partly incomprehensible. What does the audience expect from the sequel to an Action movies like Smokin Aces, in which you want to steal a bunch of professional killers each other’s show? To a bunch of bounty? And yes, the better-known faces of the cast will be pretty soon (pulled for reasons of cost) from circulation. That was in the original but not otherwise, in which Ben Affleck was shot after a few minutes of film of the skull. And the casual way that it is smart again. What, then, Smokin ‘Aces 2 offer? The answer is simple: The same as the Smokin ‘Aces 1 – just all a bit smaller but no less bloody. Walter Weed FBI man (Tom Berenger, Platoon, Sniper) is brought by his colleagues in a secret bunker under a jazz bar. For it was found out that life is in danger of a wheelchair bound office workers. A bounty of three million dollars was exposed to him. Since Weed does not know why this is so, attempts Agent Baker (Clayne Crawford) figure this out with his men. But fast is the hiding place in the open and the best professional killer in the country are found in the club. Smokin Aces 2 delivers exactly what one expects: a krachig, bloody and loud action Inferno, in which everyone gets what he deserves, a bitch or a spectator. Logic is not interested. That the scene in contrast to the original is not in Vegas, but takes place in a smoky jazz bar plus underground bunker, is due to a smaller budget. But director PJ Pesce brings out the Gegenbenheiten all out and leaves no stone unturned. While going to try to create characters like crazy and sick as the original, mostly in the pants, but makes Smokin Aces 2 over the full distance of fun, and offers pithy Oneliner routine action such as that in the book. And that is the reason why you consider such a movie. (Renatus Töpke)
  Title: Smokin ‘Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball Country of production: Canada, USA Year of Production: 2009 Length: 84 (Min .) Published at: Universal format: 16:9 tone / language: Dolby Digital 5.1, German, English EAN: 5050582748239 ( #) Extras: , Deleted Scenes, botched scenes, audio commentary with producer Joe Carnahan and director PJ Pesce

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