Sleep Dealer

Sleep Dealer
               Genre: Science Fiction
  The Retrospective of the Berlinale, is dedicated to the Spanish director Luis Buñuel, who died in 1983. After beginning his career in France and subsequent years of life in Spain and the United States, the Spanish film director went to Mexico in the 1940s. With around twenty films his most productive creative period in Mexico. Among the films shot in Mexico, which also run at the Berlinale, include Los Olvidados / The Forgotten (1951), Él / He (1952/53), Ensayo de un crimen / The criminal life of Archi Baldo de la Cruz (1955) and El ángel exterminador / The Exterminating Angel (1962). Who likes Mexican films in the retrospective perfectly repealed. Also, the Panorama program has to offer a Mexican contribution to: the fantasy-thriller Sleep Dealer by Alex Rivera – a real contrast to Buñuel’s classics program.

At the 35-year-old Rivera, director of Sleep Dealer, we find ourselves at some point in the near future. The venue is the Mexican border to the United States, which is now completely closed and relentlessly patrolled by unmanned armed drones. Our hero is Memo (Luis Fernando Peña), who lives with his parents and his brother in seclusion near the border. The family keeps growing with corn just above the water. But precisely this element is missing them badly. The river, which once made the area fertile, was held back by a dam, and since then controlled by U.S. American companies that sell the water expensive. Out of sheer boredom and curiosity Memo spends his free time spying on American channels until one day he is discovered and his house along with the father of a drone is shot into the air.

Because of guilt and lack of money plagued him, he leaves his family gen Tijuana and looking for a job there. There you can earn the fastest money by one diode can be put into the body and thus operate remote-controlled robots in the United States. Memo also meets the beautiful Luz (Leonor Varela), which his story to the living in the U.S. and sold for memos death responsible Rudy (Jacob Vargas).

Rivera’s sci-fi film is a very satirical view of American immigration problem. Because of Mexico controlled robots not only have the advantage that they are cheap, but the workers remain on their side of the border. The sci-fi effects that Rivera is working, but does not look very good, especially whenever the screen is like a computer game. The film is based on a fairly sophisticated idea, but it is unfortunately not their content or style requirements.

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Sleep Dealer Country of production: Mexico Year of production: 2008 Length: 90 (Min)

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