Simon’s Secret

Simons Secret
               Genre: Drama
  Are we to believe that: a Jordanian terrorist, sets his pregnant fiancee in an Israeli plane and unwittingly smuggles a bomb into the hand luggage? A lover sacrifices his wife and child for the supposedly good thing? Canadian director Atom Egoyan makes these issues a fascinating confusion. And there at the end of his masterful parable about appearance and reality for a few convincing answers – but on a different level than one would have believed it.

First one thing: the terrorists had the attack on El Al Machine in 1986, actually planned that way. Fortunately, the security guards at the airport discovered the explosives that would have cracked 400 passengers and crew to their deaths. So there is in reality a woman who must live with this knowledge. And there is a child. How does this man 18 years later, at the threshold of adulthood? That is the secret of Simon’s original question.

Simon (Devon Bostick) knows how it is when the father is accused of murder. So he gets into a kind of writing frenzy, when his French teacher Sabine (Arsinée Khanjian the newspaper article) about the failed assassination attempt brings into the classroom and asks the students to retell the story with her words. Simon could do more with the subject than he would like to be? We do not know at the beginning. And it would undermine the wake of this wonderfully complex film considerably when the audience would advance to spoil too much of the story.

We prefer to tell the sad and beautiful music, and especially of the musical structure of Egoyan’s stylistically artwork. In the beginning we see Simon melancholic low strings sounds in a meadow. The cut is exactly the moment that begins in which the violin. We see a bridge, a lake, a quiet landscape. And on the dock, the violinist, who gives herself to her game and lost in thought the little boy noticed a long time, who is transfixed on the shore, can tie in the play of his mother. In the small scene, the aesthetics of this film is included in the core: a vortex-like rhythm in which the layers of time and the leitmotifs are intertwined. They do not even need to raise the attention and wonder where you are now. One can take leave as a sonata by the melody of their reps and the contrariness of other issues.

Atom Egoyan (Ararat, Where the Truth Lies) does not take much to what is true Gehaltene Step by Step to shake. As a composer, he changed the elegant tone, unusual harmonies brings into play that can dissonances aufscheinen until it becomes by and by something new. In addition to the first voice, which is dedicated to the acting characters, he brings a second and a third voice into the game. The second voice asks for the modern media, internet and mobile phone and after the difference it makes when the same story is told, either on a stage or on the Internet. Here the director does not sing the “In the past everything was better” song. He dissects very closely the mechanisms and social consequences of the chat rooms and borrowed identities. But precisely because of the audience even more frightened about what the people there slips.

A third vote is about the clash of religions, Islam and Christianity from fundamentalism on both sides. But this voice is so perfectly integrated and merges with the leading melody, three culpable people in search of a truth that brings them closer to each other. And every person in the deep for a little bit further – a development that is much more credible than the surface content of a newspaper report.

(Peter Gutting)

Title: Simon’s Secret Original Title: Adoration Country of production: Canada Year of production: 2008 Length: 100 ( min) of material: X-Hire ISBN: 5051890011022

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