Shutter Island

Shutter Iceland

Shutter Island

Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Murder, hospital, island, psychiatry, Berlinale 2010

The Island of the Damned

Of course, the Berlinale is alive, especially this year with her 60th Th anniversary of the big names, the deserving directors, whose films in the Berlinale Palast celebrate their premieres and world premieres. At least in this respect was given in the first few days. According to Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer today was Martin Scorsese’s new plant Shutter Island on the program and saw the light of the attending media celebrities for a proper lift. And it was not just because the expectations of shutter at least in parts of Island from the public and the press were somewhat high. With such a height, it is no wonder then that many more journalists were a little disappointed by the new work of the director. However, what is less in the images rather than lying on a little-inspired story, looks like a patchwork of well-known pieces from movies and literature.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays in Island shutter the U.S. Marshall Edward Daniels, who together with investigate his new partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) in the early 1950s, the disappearance of a patient in a hospital for mentally most serious on the island of Island to shutter. Unfortunately, Daniels is not even the most stable mentally, since he was a soldier in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp there and also lost even his wife in a fire. The disappearance of the patient seems particularly suspect, and Daniel from the outset, he speculates that the whole story about him is from the senior physician, Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley), something is wrong. However, it seems with him up some in Argentina, because he is constantly plagued by severe migraine attacks, nightmares and visions, fiction and reality, the obscure events on the island and Daniels traumatic experiences from the past to merge. Until finally, the whole truth comes to light. And that really is not what is expected to …
Actually, it very quickly became clear that the story that followed Edward Daniels during the course of the film, is something remarkable, and he himself a prisoner of delusion and Fkition is. This robs the film of its tension and one would almost wish for, rather than the actual resolution would have been the submission of further moves to the rather trashy side paths of the nested story, especially as Scorsese and Lehane heavily in the find box of film history and Crime / Mystery Literature digging and looting Agatha Christie’s works as well as films such as identity, The Sixth Sense, or other “mindfuck movies” as well as age-old horror à la Frankenstein.

The problem is that they will not shake the feeling that this have all seen before elsewhere – perhaps not always so brilliantly staged, but for a consistent and round. This lack of narrative originality, which should lie mainly on the literary production of Dennis Lehane, Scorsese tries to score and penetrating right through the offset from the other tricks of the voltage Klamottenkiste cinemas. More than pure, and a formulaic genre expertly reeled in a magnificent patchwork packaging comes out while not.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Shutter Island Country of production: USA Year of production: 2009 Length: 138 (Min) of material: ( #) Concorde Film Distribution

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