Shutka – City of Rome

Shutka - City of Rome

Shutka – City of Rome

  A wild and vibrant world of the Balkans knows the art-house visitors probably mainly by Emir Kusturica’s bursting with life as parables Underground, Black Cat, White Cat, or recent Life is a miracle. Shutka – City of Rome in many ways reminiscent of the films of the best-known Serbian film-maker, which surprised with a closer look at the director of the documentary barely. For Aleksandar Manic well as Kusturica studied at the Prague film school FAMU and he was an assistant director at Underground. In addition, Dr. Koljo acts alias called Bajram Severdzan, the main character from Black Cat, White Cat noteworthy in this documentary as a fictional guide through Shuto Orizari, Shutka.

The Macedonian city, around a quarter of Skopje, is considered the unofficial capital of the Roma, because about 93 percent of the residents belong to this ethnic group. At first glance, looks Shutka wealthy, the neat houses with manicured gardens and the many cars with the star on the radiator arouse associations with the Swabian metropolis that is known so well Shutka Stuttgart. But first appearances are deceiving, as so often. In the outskirts Shutkas miserable huts dominate the image of the city, primitive structures that house many family clans. Few of the residents have a stable job and thus have a regular income, the art of improvisation is needed here. And in almost every Shutka has a bizarre hobby to while away the time – be it vampire hunts, singing competitions, Turkish music cassettes collect Championships or who-has-the-best-Sonntagsgardrobe-elimination contests. Also, the dervishes, vampire hunter and Tito’s nostalgic and self-appointed cemetery caretaker, who calmly makes use of the grave goods, these are all (real) figures, like Kusturica, she herself could hardly invent a better, proving once again that the films of Bosnian-born alive are much closer to it than one might think so.

This Shutka – City of Rome, thanks to the wonderful people we encountered on this adventurous journey varies continuously between genuine documentary and entertaining game, because here everyone is a (self-) performers, to the hardships of his own existence to forget and simply make the best of it. The distress is not excluded in Aleksandar Manics breathtaking film that seems almost to burst with joy, but it is precisely the predominant view of the Extraordinary-Quirky, which already characterized Kusturica’s work. It may be seen after this film, the general moaning and groaning in Germany, with slightly different eyes. A prallbuntes, poetic and absolutely crazy picture of a city, in all its contrasts greatly affects fascinating. Whether you want to live in Shutka however, is debatable. Have seen it but it should.

Title: Shutka – City of Rome Country of production: Czech Republic, Serbia & Montenegro Year of production: 2005 Length: 79 (min .) material: Salzgeber

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