Shoot ‘Em Up

Shoot Em Up

Shoot ‘Em Up

  He constantly eats carrots, because they are good for the eyes, and therefore he can shoot better. He considers himself a rat as a pet, which he taught to open his door. Located in a hail of bullets, he can stand in spontaneously as an obstetrician. We’re talking about Mr. Smith (Clive Owen) in Michael Davis ‘action-Cracker Shoot’ Em Up, which must save the life of a baby in front of a dark, opaque Gang, led by Hertz (Paul Giamatti).

In fact, Mr. Smith has nothing at all. But as a pregnant woman (Ramona Pringle) runs completely out of breath in the middle of the night past him and is pursued by crazed types, he jumps up to protect them. But it’s not about the woman, but about the baby, want to wipe out the terrorists – but why? This becomes apparent only in the course of the film. Together with the prostitute DQ (Monica Bellucci), Mr. Smith tried everything, absolutely everything, to save the baby.

This does not sound very significant? Is not it too. The whole plot is pretty insane, but that is in Shoot ‘Em Up not want to. The whole is a pretty furious action-spectacle that passes in which no one minutes, is not shot in the. Mr. Smith does it with the craziest ways all ready, a sniper after another – be it in mid-air after jumping from a plane and having sex with DQ.

The idea for the film came from a scene in John Woo’s Hard Boiled (1992), in which Chow Yun-Fat with a gun and a baby in her arms by a hospital storms. But John Woo fans will rightly say that Davis did not get at his model. And American action films speak a different language than the goods from Hong Kong. But not only John Woo has been the inspiration for the film, the very idea has emerged decades earlier, when Davis in the sixth grade at the typewriter own James Bond novels with titles like Masquerade of Death and spearhead written. “Ever since I dream of turning an all-out action film,” says Davis, who drew 17,000 images to implement the eleven action sequences of the film in a 15-minute animated film, and use it as a sales argument.
(# ) More than cool spells and shootings added Shoot ‘Em Up does not offer. Those who so little expected from the movies, can really have fun with the film. One thing you have him, let the action is staged sensationally good. One must take seriously the film is not, but that was obviously not intended by the creators as well.

The film was honored by the Film Review Board Wiesbaden (FBW) with the title of “valuable”

(Katrin Knauth)

Title: Shoot ‘Em Up Country of production: USA Year of production: 2007 Length: 86 (Min) Distribution : Warner Bros.

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