Shnat Effes – The story of the big bad wolf

Shnat Effes - The story of the big bad wolf

Shnat Effes – The story of the Big Bad Wolf

  Somehow they are all simultaneously reached a culmination. And what’s more – apparently all their problems are related to each other in a strange way: as, for example, Anna (Sarah Adler), the single mother of a 10-jähirgen son (Zuki ring-like) that is terminated because of rent arrears. In her despair – it’s just become unemployed – Anna sees only one way to push through herself and her child prostitution. But then she runs Matti (Dan Toren) on the road. And yet, the more severe problems than she threw herself – namely, a real killer, who chases him.

The caretaker Ruven (Menashe Noi), the Anna, is beside himself when he learns that his wife Michal (Keren Mor) is pregnant – unfortunately Ruvens response is not forthcoming on the joys of fatherhood, but due to the sheer horror. For a moment, carelessly runs over the visibly overwhelmed Ruven a guide dog, but little later he regrets his hit and run and is looking to the owner of the dog. Without educate the blind Eddi (Moni Moshonov) about what he wants from him, Ruven he is at hand. Meanwhile, Michal distributes the time with the radio technician Kagan (Danny Geva), in addition to his job a program about his deceased father, one of the founders of the Israeli punk music, produced. Suddenly an old band member appears on the group his father in Kagan’s life and begins to take more and more possession of him …

Life is the sum of all the unexpected things, sums up the Israeli feature film director Joseph Pitchhadze (Under Western Eyes , Besame Mucho), the quintessence of his film Episode Shnat Effes – The story of the big bad wolf (in German: Year Zero) together.

His film is a random snapshot of Israel at the beginning of the 21st Century, and without being explicitly political, to Algeria, but the film reveals much about the state of Israeli society, whose problems take a long look pretty are our equal: In both alienation and isolation, lack of communication and the increasing inability to express feelings or they feel at all that the crux of modern man. Although not knowing the same to convince all the episodes and the film sometimes risks losing his light and almost dreamy characteristic style, he still keeps ready scenes and stories that can only write his life.

Title: Shnat Effes – The Story of the Big Bad Wolf Country of production: Israel Year of production: 2004 Length: min 131 () of material: mec film

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