Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

               Genre: literature, Thriller
               19. Century, detective, London, occult, conspiracy, ritual murder

deductive reasoning for Dummies

  London in 1890, literally at the last minute manages to Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and to prevent his loyal assistant Dr Watson (Jude Law), a ritual murder of a young woman. The sinister villain Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong), who is obviously in league with dark forces, is arrested and sentenced to death by hanging. And even though Watson himself would be the death of the villain sure seems to be reborn in a mysterious way as to continue a series of murders rocked London, which bears the signature of the satanic villain. Forfeited to the British capital into hysteria and superstition, goes to the strictly logical thinking detective from Baker Street 221 B of the trace of the dark magician, and soon encounters a conspiracy of enormous proportions. Incidentally, Holmes must struggle but also against different ghosts. On the one hand, Dr. Watson is determined to Mary, the winsome Morstan (Kelly Reilly) to marry, which disturbs the close relationship between him and his partners in a spirit sensitive. And on the other hand suddenly appears even Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), a both beautiful and cunning woman who Holmes once inflicted a serious defeat and he is in love remains. It begins a breathless chase through the whole of London for the truth in a confusing maze of the occult, conspiracies and intrigues …

With obviously great effort and a surprisingly brushed against the grain composition of the two main roles Guy Ritchie, the literary hero Sherlock Holmes, at least somewhat dusty filmtechnisch into the 21 attempts To translate century. The result of the elaborate spectacle is ambiguous fall and aims primarily to the American mass audience, which gets presented here, amongst a number of hair-raising action scenes especially simple way, how does deductive reasoning. In ultra slow motion and various flashback dissolves here as on some magic of its own accord in satisfaction.

The original Sherlock Holmes, as we knew him so far from Conan Doyle’s books and countless adaptations, is Guy Ritchie’s spectacular long-distance frighteningly little to do. Lord Blackwood example, appears in none of the novels. And Irene Adler is a figure) of the literary text (# A Scandal in Bohemia / A Scandal in Bohemia appears, there is not Holmes’s mistress, but is its adversary. However, many adaptations of Holmes stories, the Presumption have indicated that the brilliant detective had to have had a love affair with his rival, obviously, this fits well with its unstable character.
All this would not be so tragic, and certainly in terms of a reinterpretation and modernization of the figure, we do not always see the handwriting Ritichies his typical tricks and links to another hero named James Bond film flashes. Has to complete the various boxing matches, the Holmes during the movie, seem like a copy of similar scenes from Snatch – Pigs and Diamonds / Snatch, Ritichies income from the year 2000. Lord Blackwood as a proto-fascist villain in the Gestapo’s leather coat and with reduced expression of Mussolini were a magnificent Bond from opponents, will appear at the gigantic and French parlierender stooges like a copy of the legendary “Snapper” Richard Kiel. It also fits into this picture of the spectacular as well as extremely artificial showdown on the Tower Bridge. The literary model is thus a reservoir of pop-cultural references and links that have diluted the peculiarity and uniqueness of the shape of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s partly out of recognition. Has

, but there is also good news to report: Robert Downey Jr., who seemed to sink down on the drugs for years Marsh and his wife Susan co-produced this film presents surprisingly fit and seems to soar to a remarkable second career. Markedly paler and less charismatic, however, is a Jew Laws failed interpretation of Dr. Watson, which may also be because of the characteristics of the figure. Nevertheless, the resulting two powerful a dynamic duo in the truest sense of the word, which helps one film about the many inconsistencies and clumsiness of the story, at least as many potholes as having the cobblestones of London in 1890.

Downright annoying, but somehow typical of the thinking that currently prevails in mainstream cinema, the downright outrageous, penetrating and obvious cliffhanger 2nd to the already planned sequel Sherlock Holmes Remains to be seen whether the vote of the audience with their feet the producers here does not thwart the bill.

If you enjoy action in historical costume without too much demand and with familiar pieces from various works of popular culture (in addition to James Bond as a reference point, the whole pseudo-occult background looks partly like a parody of Dan Brown’s novels) has , which is expected to feel a conversation in Guy Ritchie’s film on simple ways. But Holmes true fans of the bombastic spectacle is almost certainly fast on my nerves. Especially since they are likely to fall quite quickly to the idea that their hero is used here merely as a vehicle for one uninspired action spectacle that too much commercial success and cross-eyed after an optimal representation in the sense of several installments. Welcome to Theme Park Sherlock Holmes!

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Sherlock Holmes Country of production: U.S., UK, Australia Year of production: 2009 Length: 128 (Min) (# ) Distribution: Warner Bros.

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