Shepherd’s Journey into the 3rd Millennium

Shepherds Journey into the 3rd Millennium

Shepherd’s Journey into the 3rd Millennium

  After Sennen-Ballade and Peasant’s Shepherd’s Journey into the third millennium, the third film in a trilogy, in which Erich Langjahr deals with the fundamental questions of man and his existence. In the center on the questions of identity, survival and future.

One of the oldest forms of human culture is the existence of pastoralism. In its essence, it still includes not only economic interests but also embodies its own standard of living and belief. “I wanted the pastoral life of today, the transition into the third millennium, to meet. In a time of upheaval and change in values between tradition and the future of the film is also an expression of my own inner conflict. I’m telling a modern shepherd’s history, starting from the transhumance, the grazing between the seasons and the associated bearer of the herds from winter pasture to summer pasture, and vice versa, “says the director.

The shepherds in the film take on a life of hardship and to face a challenge that often the breaking point reached. They do not come from the tradition of Bäuerlichen, but have chosen this way of life itself, the need for the freedom to do something meaningful to do.

Erich Langjahr one of the very few who realize their films on their own and up guide to cinemas in herself. The central Switzerland is both his own scriptwriter, director, cameraman, producer and distributor – a remarkable achievement. The filmmaker, however, not only knows his craft, he also knows the people who appear in his documentaries, understand their work, their concerns and worries. With his subtle approach to the rural world, the sense of their rhythm, he has surprised us again and again. So with his well-known farmers’ trilogy, which is already award-winning, last part, Shepherd’s Journey into the third millennium, now comes to the cinemas.

Unaffected by trends and away from the big cities, Erich Langjahr has developed his own film language, the Swiss film does well.

Title: Shepherd’s Journey into the 3rd Millennium Country of production: Switzerland Year of production: 2002 Length: 124 (Min) of material: Erich Langjahr

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