Shadow Fathers

Shadow Fathers

Shadow Fathers

  Germany’s children are looking after their fathers. If cinematic themes are subject to temporal cycles that 2005 is the year of the mysterious father and questioning children. Who in Horst Buchholz … My Papa or 2 or 3 Things I know about him or found children’s winter still not enough answers, you can try one more time. In the shadow fathers are two opposing camps and two generations. On 24 April 1974 to be arrested Guenter Guillaume and his wife Christel in Bonn. The closest adviser to Willy Brandt was a GDR spy was unmasked. A little later, Brandt resigned as Chancellor.

While playing in the great dramas of politics, are the sons of the two men from very different problems. After the parents are arrested, the then 17-year-old Pierre Guillaume brought into the GDR. First, he has no contact with his parents sitting in Cologne in custody. Months later, they are exchanged and future large propaganda events within the GDR presented. Had been a spy Günter Guillaume obligated to reveal his true identity anywhere, not even in his own family. The 12-year-old Matthias Brandt has up to this day not had much of his father and his biggest problem is the move from the Registrar’s villa on the Bonner Venusberg.

Nearly 30 years later, director Doris Metz, the two adult men questioned about personal memories, her life after 1974 and to discharge the now deceased fathers. Both fathers were larger than life in the public and cast a giant shadow ahead. It quickly becomes clear that for their sons always have remained a mystery.

The sons return separately back to the places of their past, their memories can be revived and talk about the complicated relationship with his father. It quickly becomes clear that the public statesmen, not much in common with the private family fathers had. Brandt remembers swivel chair, carousel rides at the office of his father, to an amusement visit during which he had to pull so many lots were up for the press a win there. He wanders through the empty house and Registrar explained in countless small moments of his life as the son of the Chancellor.

Pierre boom moves instead of Berlin. Towards its first depositors apartment where he was coached by nice Stasi employees “,” to the labor center of the parents, at border stations.

Brandt and try to clear up unanswered questions Broom, fill it with memories and justified. The journey into the past is sometimes very personal, almost always very melancholy, which surely lies at the permanent snow in the movie. In addition, there are many bright and humorous moments of which white especially Matthias Brandt reported. Doris Metz tries to give the issue even more gravity, there has unfortunately exaggerated this with the music and lost in the overwhelming snapshots of architecture and landscape. The men go searching through the world, which initially has a certain justification, but very tiring. In the end the audience knows a lot about the children, but almost nothing about the fathers. Thus, the shadow is a search for meaning fathers of the sons of their own past and the relationship to the Father. An interesting documentary that unfortunately remains somewhat dry, and many questions unanswered.

(Gesine Grassel)

Title: Shadow Fathers Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2005 Length: 93 (Min) of material: (# ) Movienet Film

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