Sex and the City

Sex and the City

Sex and the City

  For a long time it looked as if fans would be the U.S. television series Sex and the City the appropriate end for her heroines imagine themselves in her imagination. For the long-planned film, was delayed again and again. In particular, between the two main actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall is there have been no disagreements regarding the fee and the script came from. But eventually we thought better of it – and the fans will be able to hear, especially since the film has followed the successful concept of the series consistently and it can also be lacking in anything else.

With 145 minutes duration, the film version of Sex and The City / Sex and the City: The Movie once a detailed meeting with the four crazy New Yorkers. And although all – more or less – (already at the end of the last television season was aired in 2004) have found new love and happiness, is, of course, increases in these two hours as primarily one thing – to love. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), the eloquent and sharp-tongued columnist, whose meditations on the lives of single women in New York in the series and the movie gave the title, is looking for herself and her boyfriend, Mr. Big (Chris North) for a suitable apartment. Quite by accident while the conversation comes to a possible marriage, and before the two provided, the application – albeit a bit unromantic – spoken and accepted. But until the wedding bells are ringing for the two Dauerverliebten, of course, happened to a lot of chaos. And even in the seemingly controlled life of Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is not everything always goes according to plan. And the development of some character from the series holds in store for the audience, the fist big one or the other surprise.

When the TV series Sex and the City , produced by HBO, shimmered in 1998 for the first time on the screens, many viewers little trust their eyes and especially ears: Seldom had been young women in a fictional format to talk so openly about sexuality and eroticism. But it was not only the freedom of movement, with which the series by four young women in New York and captured their loyalty over the years, growing following. At the same time, the stories reflected the dilemma of the single company again, although in each and every one is free, but actually longs for a stable and reliable relationships. And even more: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were not just casual, chic and cool, but always thoughtful, and blessed with little neuroses and self-irony. In short: you were the perfect match of the type of modern woman, and thus closer in spirit than anything else, was what we normally see in this way.

Who by the way – and is expected to mainly male admissions are true – so far the show did not know or did not pursue it constantly, you need not worry about that in the cinema then be completely clueless. Because at the beginning of Sex and the City provides / Sex and the City: The Movie for a lively and update the relevant data on personnel, so that SATC newbies should have no trouble following the plot.

, Although have gone since the start of the series ten years into the country, does the concept of Sex and the City even today and even on the big screen very well and offers magnificent, sometimes even cryptic entertainment without too much right – an ideal contrast to the forthcoming European Football Championship also. Just a pity that such an unerring series heroines always come from the U.S. and almost never from Germany. But one should never give up hope so. This here is certainly the original. And it still represents a lot of fun – even on the big cinema screen.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Sex and the City Original Title: Sex and the City: The Movie Country of production: USA Year of production: 2008 (# ) Length: 144 (min) of material: Warner Bros.

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