Seventh heaven – TV-Tip of the Week

Seventh heaven - TV-Tip of the Week

           Seventh heaven – TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Comedy
  Is the proverbial “seventh heaven” is also generally considered synonymous with the highest happiness, are the protagonists of this French drama by Benoît Jacquot’s 1997 miles away from this state first. It is the severe crisis of a young woman who represents the starting point of the seventh heaven, which is increasingly a psychological confusion around imaginations, dreams and the so-called reality. Even though her marriage to the well-situated surgeons Nico (Vincent Lindon), this does not need to tilt the distinctive Mathilde (Sandrine Kiberlain) increased to shoplifting and further suffers from fainting spells. While her husband is trying to eliminate this crisis with an appropriate medication quickly, Mathilde looks in their distress in a random acquaintance help quite a mysterious doctor (François Berléand), who specialized in hypnosis. The therapy, which Mathilde now starts with the Hynotiseur proves to be fast to be extremely fruitful: In the context of transparency and processing of their difficult family history wins Mathilde confidence, fresh energy – and a lot more joy in their sex life, what it enters the distrust of her husband Nico who suspects his wife changed so promptly, take a secret lover … In an ironic manner appealing carefully orchestrated Seventh heaven has cleverly calculated to delicious entertainment within a playful production, which plunges not only the wonderfully active characters, but also embraced the audience sometimes belonging in confusion. At the Venice Film Festival for the Golden Lion as well as for a César for Sandrine Kiberlain nominated for Best Actress is Benoît Jacquot (School of desire / L’école de la chair, 1998, Sade, 2000, Marie and Freud and Princess Marie, 2004) with The Seventh Heaven, a film succeeded not because of its impressive history, but in view of the playfulness of his actors and by the cunning use of the director with the apparent reality. (Mary Anderson)
  Title: The Seventh Heaven – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: Le septième ciel Country of production: France Production year: 1997 ( #) Length: 84 (Min.)

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