Seven Days Sunday

Seven Days Sunday
               Genre: Drama
  A brutal murder for no reason, just like running, because in a world like this one human life nothing is more important: It has already written to Albert Camus in his book The Stranger and identify those existential alienation of life in the one no longer feels that is where everything stopped caring, because yes it can change anything. And because it takes shocking moments, and border crossings to the lethargy and absurdity of existence, at least for a moment to escape, the death of another human being in Camus’ story the almost obligatory corollary.

So aloof and philosophically this may seem – without any comprehensible motive to commit such offenses are not only fictional constructs, but always re-fill the headlines of newspapers. A graduate of the Munich Academy of Film and Television (HFF) Niels Laupert has researched such a case, and dramatized in his debut film Seven Days Sunday. The result is impressive – it frightens, repels, and equally fascinating. Explanations we seek here in vain. Because there is nothing to explain. And that’s the real horror: that we, despite all the depths that can be hidden in some people never understand even remotely.

The 14th January 1996 is a Sunday like any other. In a haunting slab housing estate on the edge of an unspecified city (filmed occurred in a slab housing estate in Leipzig, the real case, referred to by Niels Laupert, in Poland), the young people hang Adam (Ludwig Trepte) and Tommek (Matrin Pine ) distribute around and somehow the boredom. They steal wine, get drunk, flirt with Sara (Jil) Funke, move on, looking for an outlet for their pent-up frustrations. First, it is enough for them yet, riot in an old factory there. But then Tommek comes to a disastrous idea: He wants to kill along with Adam a man. Simply some who just crossed their paths …

sounds bogus title of the film. Almost as if what is involved here is an innocent German family bands of the fifties or sixties to. Because not all of which we dream that every day could be a Sunday? However, in Niels Laupert film Seven Days Sunday the dream became a nightmare of life without work. The two 16-year-old boys no longer go to school, have no work and thus suggest a long time dead, until they no longer suffice. That is hard, brutal, humbling and waives any kind of blame. Almost one might think that the events that just happen to be fated that she previously the lives of two stray dogs were enrolled – because they approach with such inevitability to the ending point of the story.

Niels Laupert Film impresses with observations that close approach to the two protagonists, Adam and Tommek. Ludwig Trepte, Martin Kiefer played by the two offenders with alarming precision and full of difficulty of retained energy (effectively set the scene with some impressive CinemaScope shots and a successful selection of music that bands like Portishead Slut ( #) Naked Lunch , the Babyshambles and The Notwist covers), which eventually erupts like a volcano, then to the prison again like a flash in the pan to extinguish come.
A debut, makes the curious. And a film that disturbed and insecure.

(Joachim Kurz)

Title: Seven Days Sunday Country of production: Germany Year of production: 2007 Length: 80 (Min) of material: time bandits movie

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