Serbis – Cannes 2008

Serbis - Cannes 2008

Serbis – Cannes 2008

  For every film festival around the world and especially for the Cannes Film Festival, a large media presence is vital. This fact also explains why, like movies with all-star ensemble will be shown at the start and end, they provide the necessary and PR hype pregnant. But there can not shine every film in competition with Hollywood greats, one uses mainly to the middle of the festival to a different gimmicks from the PR handbook: the insznierten scandal. You throw in front of the assembled journalism as a movie with explicit sex scenes to feed on, for example, Batalla en el Cielo in 2005, and hopes for a suitably indignant noise in the press. This year, that role seems the Philippine competition entry by Brillante Mendoza, Serbis to have been intended, even if the Kritikeraufschrei, at least in Europe, has perhaps not quite achieve the desired volume.

Director Brillante Mendoza is considered the next star of Philippine cinema and is also an extremely prolific filmmaker, who sometimes even two movies per year, achieved with very limited financial resources. Serbis, in German “service” is set in a provincial town where the Pineda family operates a run-down cinema where the clan lives also. While flash across the screen porn, transvestite offer the services of male moviegoers more distinct species. But this is only setting the scene for a generational family drama.

AT Nana Rebhan shows on of Serbis disappointed. “Thus, the film then, with a few splashes everyday small stories, but offers the viewer no real role model.” Rebhan hopes that the film for Mendoza was only a “slip”. Under the heading “Philippine porn cinema” will take place at Ruediger Suchsland that Serbis was an “excellent film, which was dominated by a” mad noise “. In Lars-Olav Beier goes hard with the director to the court: “And if Mendoza for several minutes with the camera scans the body of a naked girl, then he looks like a horny free on his own character. How fast can the exploiters will be. ” This view is shared by Kim Voynar of, who writes that for the first time at a festival a demonstration left prematurely because they Serbis was so disgusting. Howard Feinstein of Screen Daily also said that Mendoza was the film for a giant step in the wrong direction and even believes that Mendoza’s career would suffer now a damper.


Title: Serbis – Cannes 2008 Country of production: France, Philppinen Year of production: 2008 Length: 90 (Min) (# )

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