Secret Things – TV-Tip of the Week

Secret Things - TV-Tip of the Week
               Genre: Drama, Erotica
  In this French film from 2002 things are heated, both in terms of erotic drama dominated interpreted as critical international receptions, the Secret Things by Jean-Claude Brisseau outraged as unappealing pornographic film of the soft variety with only supposedly profound claim. In France itself, however, where Jean-Claude Brisseau was for this work at the Cannes Film Festival with the “Prix France Culture du cinéaste de l’anee” award as a director of the year and the drama by the renowned intellectual film magazine Cahiers du cinéma has been named the Best Film 2002, the reactions were much more positive. But the staging of a highly explosive substance with erotic content, which leads not only a functional but also a superficially has at Schauenslust oriented character, soon to heated discussions about the level of sexual images, given the sophisticated and serious history. And to such it is in Secret Things, the inside of his intensive examination of the power of sexual desires, expressive, artistic and of course, is also very erotic pictures. Want

Two attractive women to know: Sandrine (Sabrina Seyvecou) and Nathalie (Coralie Revel), who meet in a bar, tired of toiling hard for meager wages and decide by the widespread use of their female seduction to start a quick, lucrative career. The seemingly harmless waitress Sandrine passes through one knowledgeable training her friend Nathalie, a stripper who has already gained plenty of experience with regard to their ability in effect in men. To organize the two explosive ladies for a job in a promising company, where she soon found male victims for their alluring strategy: Sandrine heats the meaning of section head Delacroix (Roger Mirmont), while Nathalie effort, the junior chef Christophe ( Fabrice Deville) to cook soft, which is, however, turn up to every trick …

director Jean-Claude Brisseau, who also wrote the screenplay and produced the film occurs in a small role as Sandrine’s father, went it just a matter of women’s sexuality as pleasurable in themselves describe in detail, in its range between confusion and crackling erotic excitement – as he perceives it as a man. That there are some sensitive issue, given the dramatic twists or representations that displease the audience or just spectators, is mainly a sign of uncomfortable provocations. Even someone who’s views and assessments of staging does not share on this basis can ponder over the wonderful sexual power between men and women and immoral while to sink in the representation of female desire.

(Mary Anderson)

Title: Secret Things – TV-Tip of the Week Original Title: secrètes Choses Country of production: France Year of production: 2002 Length: 110 (Min)

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